Part of an idea, symbols

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Part of an idea, symbols
Post # 1
So, I was listening to music, when I started thinking about architecture, and how some features in old buildings are there for religious or occult reasons, and my chain of thought made me start making a list of symbols, with meanings of my own devising. (Drawing inspiration from other sources, of course.)
Either way, I figured I might as well post this here, in case anyone might suggest a use for the symbols.
I only really designed four, which are as follows:
Circle - Infinity, repetition, and (this one is mine) inevitable circumstances.
Circle, with line from top right to bottom left - Shortcuts, cheating, futility (because there is still no end)
Horseshoe, upright (U) - A long path, effort, fruition with time.
Horseshoe, upright with line connecting the two ends - Speed, efficiency, possibly recklessness.

Anyway, that's all I got before my pencil broke. Please post thoughts!
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Re: Part of an idea, symbols
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If you like symbols, you could do some research into Sigils. They are symbols made up from writing out your desires in a positive way, eliminate the vowels, AEIOU and if you like Y. Then you eliminate the duplicate letters and you are left with just the essence of your desire. Superimpose your letters into a design of your liking, and then activate the Sigil by burning it.
eg I am healthy you are left with- mhlt. only 4 letters to superimpose on each other. I write mine on Mulberry paper which burns nicely and I use a color that will correspond to my desire. Red for love, green for health, gold for money.etc.
Sigils are a quick set it and forget it way of doing a spell.
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Re: Part of an idea, symbols
Post # 3
To add onto the comment above mine, if you're into symbols you may want to read up on a form of divination called Abacomancy, where one reads symbols in sand, dirt, or dust. There's actually a post about it on SoM, if you look up "Abacomancy" I'm sure you'll find it!
While the post itself has some symbols and what they mean, divination is completely person and whatever YOU feel like the symbols mean is most likely the answer rather than something someone told you/that you read.

To talk about your original post, however, I really enjoy those interpretations to those symbols and think they're very creative. I hope your interest for symbols and their meanings takes you somewhere on your path!
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