Guid To Sigil Magick

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Guid To Sigil Magick
Post # 1
Hi, I?m Vintagio. Recently I?ve had a lot of good success with sigil magick. I thought it?d be nice share my practice with my fellow magicians.

Basic Sigils~

For the basic magician, you really don?t need to go crazy into detail about the sigil you use. A sigil is just a symbol that you write that corresponds with an intention that you want to happen. Sigils, like most magic, tend to be very direct. If you scribe a sigil for Money, and don?t specify what you want from that sigil, then you might just get a penny. We?ll get into your intentions later but let?s get back to the case in point.

Take the most basic word of your intention possible. Let?s say you want a boyfriend, (this is an advanced intention but let?s just use it) you?re gonna take all the vowels from that word. So OYIE, now you?re going to break the legs off of those letter and make them into some type of shape. You can use a pencil, pen, minerals, just make sure you can erase and try again.

After you?re done making the shape, boom, you?ve made your first sigil.

Making Your Intentions Heard~

Now you?re going to look at that symbol, and imagine what you want to happen. ?I will ____ to happen? repeat this until you feel comfortable enough to stop. Now, to you, your symbol has meaning. Draw this symbol on whatever you?d like.

Charging Your Sigil (Optional)~

Charging a sigil directs the type of magical energy you?d like into that one specific sigil. If you scribe ten sigils, make sure you charge each sigil individually to avoid imbalance.

To charge your sigil, be in the emotion you?d like the energy and sprits around you to direct. For a boyfriend, get into a happy and ecstatic mood. Smile and laugh, and point and direct your magic, using wand/athame/crystals/energized finger at that sigil. Say words that correspond with that emotion, imagining that symbol in your head. This will dispel any unwanted attentions away from the sigil, and give it a cleaner magical channel.

Ex: Love, happiness, splendor, peace (while smiling)

Then, after about a minute of this, stop directing energy and cool down.

Forget About the Intention (Intentional Blindness)~

As soon as you?ve formed a good relationship with that sigil, knowing the intentions you put in it, stop thinking about the intentions. Begin to move on and think about other things. By you continuing to ?charge? the sigil by thinking, you?re disturbing and probably dispelling your own powerful magic.

Let the sigil do the magic.

For Long-Term Sigils (Advanced Casting)~

Long term sigils, I like to call them Time Beams, require monthly or annual re-chargings. Let?s say you have scribed a sigil for a door, to help keep away an unwanted roommate. Make sure every month or so, you re-charge that sigil.

The best way to recharge a sigil is to use some blessed water. After blessing your water, go ahead and dip your finger in it, run the water around the sigil, while recharging it with words of intention. Do this about seven times, for good luck. Make sure to remember the sigils intentions, by writing them down in your grimoire.


I?ll be putting up a guide for sigils in ceremonial magick soon. Sigils in ceremonial magick can allow you to take some of the stresses of magic off your body while casting powerful spells. Ceremonial Sigils (Cigils) are for intermediate magicians, and should not be used by beginners without a good amount of practice with basic sigils. I?d say after your fifteenth sigil, you can start working with Cigils.
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Re: Guid To Sigil Magick
Post # 2
It's best to use a phrase instead of a single word, at least in my experience.
I am not sure what you mean by "break the legs off", but after you have your statement of desire, you'll want to remove the vowels, and then the repeating letters. Then rearrange the remaining letters into a symbol.

The best way to charge it will depend upon the practitioner.
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Re: Guid To Sigil Magick
Post # 3
I was taught to use the vowels as the lines for sigils. And yes, charging the sigils can very depending on the person, but in my practice, I use emotional energy.
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Re: Guid To Sigil Magick
Post # 4
I like to work in more abstract concepts, so I tend to use Nordic runes instead of alphabet. I choose a small set of runes that represent the emotional or conceptual feel of the situation and how I want it to change, and overlap them with each other to use as few lines as possible while still being able to combine all the rune shapes fully.

I am wondering how well other languages or styles of writing could be used, like Cuneiform or hiragana for example.
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