Other Interpretations?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Other Interpretations?

Other Interpretations?
Post # 1
Hello Everyone!

I recently did a 9 card relationship spread to look at the dynamic between myself and a person I met a little while ago. I have my own interpretation, but it's always nice to get a second or third opinion. What impression do you guys get when you see this spread?

1st- Judgement
2nd- Eight of Pentacles
3rd-Two of Swords
4th- Justice
5th- The Fool
6th- Nine of Swords (R)
7th- Page of Wands (R)
8th- The Devil
9th- Seven of Pentacles
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Re: Other Interpretations?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
What did each position represent?
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Re: Other Interpretations?
Post # 3
Dear Aries,
My interperetation:
1. Judgement = when the judgement come.]
2. Eight of Pentacles= perfect benefits = you will have perfect benefits.
3. Two of swords= but there is a confict= with 2 opponents.
4. Justice = there will be a balance of 2 opponents parties.
5. The fool = by whom = the fool will make peace.
6. Nine of Swords (R) = forever peace .
7. Page of Wands (R) = by = Ugly truth or impolite truth releaved.
8. The devil = As a consequence = someone become devil
9. Seven of Pentacles = those devil will get highest benefits of earth .
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Re: Other Interpretations?
Post # 4
Thanks chuong!

Prsona, here are the position meanings for each card

1- how I view the person
2- how the person views me
3- my needs and wants
4- their needs and wants
5- where the relationship presently stands
6- the path I see the relationship going down
7- the path they see the relationship going down
8- Things to keep in mind about our relationship
9- the outcome of the relationship
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Re: Other Interpretations?
Post # 5
1st- You and your partner are feeling lost. To me it means emotions. I feel another person involved in this and i can see you thinking that it's a waste of time with your partner. I dont see either one of you voicing out what they're thinking.

2- disgruntled. I can see frustraion when it comes to your partner. you feel like you are not the first priority in the relationship. They lack the need to look at you. Really look at you and see what you;re thinking, how youre feeling or what you want. Its a very one sided re;ationship. You think they are being selfish.

3- disagreement. both of you point away at eachother. You dont have the time to explain anymore and they dont have the time to listen. you want this to work out, but you dont know what they want. Honestly, i dont think there's enough communicaton

4-you want out. looking at this card you dont want to know what your partner has been doing. theres a suspision about someone else, but you dont want to know about the other person. you want your partner to choose to be with you completely. they always seem to be distracted. you need someone who is going to be there for you.

5- youre being led to believe theres something else in the relationship. its like youre remembering all the good things about your partner. how they were before. i dont see you going forward. I see you thinking back

6- freedom. i see your need to get answers for why your partner is so different lately. you dont want to think about whats wrong. you want to fix it.

7-this has been a new experience for you. being with your partner has showed you different experinces. good, bad and everthing in between. i can see your want to work this out with your partner

8- one minded path. youre resrticting your thoughts about your partner. its an ultamayem. its either you or whatever your partner is going through. to me i see you dont want to feel psuhed away anymore

9- you can't force what isnt there. i can see money in this. the money is really time. precious to you and precious to them. I see it being used up on the wrong things. you two should talk to eachother and if your partner is done talking, then so are you. don't put yourself in a place where you feel you are wrong. you are alone. the hardest thing to do is let someone who hurts you go. you still love them, but with this card it shows to me time that you've lost with wondering and questioning. it's your choice as to what you wish to do.
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