Help! Mentor left me!

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Help! Mentor left me!
Post # 1
I am looking for a new mentor but want to solve the mystery of what happend to my old one! I dont know what to do, I dont know a lot of kinda people and I am in a tough situation at the moment, she helped me and everything and was supportive, i liked her company, i met her on fiverr you probably are thinking "that site is full of scammers" i didnt have to pay for much with her she was another spell caster who was into voodoo and such but it didnt matter to me she coverd for a lot of stuff about my situation and told me very interesting stuff about my friends and the person i loved that i couldn't believe, did free readings and everything because she did her work for people and not money
she said i had the power to do readings and magic thats why im drawn to it and she said that she will teach me how to bring it out and i felt i had some kind of intuition power but i didnt know what it was, one day she told me she still had to finish up my reading for two of my friends because i wanted to know how they where towards me, she was really busy with cilents too so i told her my questions and said i was going to bed, the next morning it said she cant be contacted at this time, i panicked a bit and instantly thought she got banned i contacted fiverr and they said they cant reveal any info about their users, so i tried emailing her and the email boucned back, i didnt understand this and she couldnt of blocked me, i knew she wouldnt of, i contacted one of my buddies and he said she probably blocked me, but i searched up the email issue and it said it had to do with the server, i gave up, its been a few days now and she hasnt come back.
she might of gotten banned because fiverr doesnt allow direct payments and i payed her on pp out of the last bit of money i had because she needs materials to ask her orisha stuff.

I wish I knew what happend she didnt block me i know she didnt my intution says shes diffrent and not fake, if someone can do a reading on my mentor or find out what happend id like to know ive been looking for her still, if we can't find her id like a new one who is kinda like her i cant pay for things if you want to be payed my parents are strict and my mentor understood that for my case. ;-;

pm me and i can tell you more if youd like, thanks i hope to find someone supportive.
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Re: Help! Mentor left me!
Post # 2

dont know much about finding your mentor but i could mentor you

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Re: Help! Mentor left me!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I hate to say it to you, but you were scammed. Your intuition may say otherwise, but if your intuition is not trained and developed it is just emotion and ego. That is just the truth of the matter. You always take a risk when paying people. Also, you take a bigger risk with people who are on webistes, you really don't know who they are and you can't be sure if what they are telling you is the truth. I would chaulk this up to a learning experience if I were you.

Of course, that is just my opinion, and you are free to do as you choose.

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Re: Help! Mentor left me!
Post # 4
I agree with Gaggs when he says you have been scammed.
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Re: Help! Mentor left me!
Post # 5
Agreed. The key tell is that you used 'the last bit of money'. Usually once the money is gone, so are they. Another red flag is the classic statement that they need money for materials. Materials are cheap and plentiful, and any oracle or other practitioner should already have them. It is what they work with. It is their job to have them. It is like going to an accountant and having him charge you to go and buy a pencil.

If any practitioner ever says they need money for materials, ask them immediately what specific materials they are gathering, and look up the prices yourself online. If what they claim to be needing can't be found, then it probably doesn't exist. If it is something that is exorbitantly expensive, there is in all likelihood an effective and less pricey alternative.

If a person is charging for their services in an honest way, then it is normally a flat one-time fee for one service. IE; one person I know usually does a two-hour reading for $60.00.

Second, a reader should never solicit additional service. IE; the classic "you have a problem but I can fix it for more money." If there is some sort of negativity at work, at most they should begin in an advisory position, giving you ways to find and remove that negativity on your own, and it should be a part of that session. Unless the person receiving the reading specifically asks for further help or insight, it should not be offered.

Also, if the person is genuine in helping through the casting of a spell or ritual, you should be allowed to take part or at least be present to observe. Being the recipient of the assistance usually means they would want you present to be the focal point anyways. And of course other things like Reiki sessions, aura clearing, sound therapy, etc are best served in person. The exception to this being, of course, if being physically present is not possible due to distance.
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