Spell to weaken an enemy?

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Spell to weaken an enemy?
Post # 1
I can't seem to find anything online on this. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I want to do a spell to bind, weaken and jinx an enemy in a legal matter. I can figure out a binding and jynxing spell, but am looking for something to weaken them as well. When I say weaken, I don't mean to cause harm to them- I mean to weaken their attack on me- so that it's not as powerful, do you get what I'm saying? Or will a binding spell cover this? I'm a little new to this. Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Spell to weaken an enemy?
Post # 2
Hmm... I imagine there are methods out there for casting negative or detrimental thoughts towards the person. For example uncertainty.

However I am more the sort to work through more positive and internal/Self-reflective magic. For example, doing a spell to promote the exposure of the fact and truth of the situation to the court process. Or to promote internal confidence and awareness to strengthen your own position rather than to try and attack the other person's position. Or insight and inspiration to find or understand subtle details of the situation.

Even setting aside Karma, the threefold law, etc this is just plain more practical and more efficient. First off, to attack another person means you need to commit energy and attention away from yourself- meaning you suffer as well. Also, you need to overcome the other person's will as (obviously) they want to win the case as well and will naturally try to combat for their position despite any personal roadblocks. If they believe in their position enough to bring that position to a formal setting like the courts, then that kind of a commitment can be difficult to sideline. Have you ever noticed how the more you try to push at person, the more they instinctively dig in their heels and push back? Also, if you are found to be performing such actions, by a P.I. or by a friend talking about it or by yourself sharing the information and having it spread word of mouth... that would obviously be damaging to the court's interpretation of your own character and trustworthiness. So it would damage your position greatly.

Meanwhile, if you are working to improve yourself instead there is an implicit level of permission. You want to win the case, and you want to help yourself win, so it is only your will involved. No fighting against an opposing will. By working to expose truth, which is usually what gets found anyways, you are just working along the natural order born from investigation and inquiry. So it is like pushing forward a rock that is already rolling, all you need to do is give it a nudge to set it moving a little faster. Also, you would not be spending your energy and sending it away from yourself but instead drawing energy in to bolster yourself and make yourself stronger. And like before, there is a chance someone will find out what you are doing and a similar chance it might get brought up. But if you can honestly say it is a personal thing, and just a way of finding inspiration and truth, there isn't much that can be said about that in a negative sense. So it might be unusual, but not damaging.

Think of it this way; Imagine you have walked into your kitchen and found the cookie jar is empty, with two children standing there. One is hiding his hands behind his back, the other is showing you his hands. Which one are you going to trust more when they both say they didn't do it?
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