Punish from Gods

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Punish from Gods
Post # 1
I sensed that the Gpddess I am devoted to is sad... I thought it could be because she would punish me and she's so strong that no matter the fact she'd be sorry for me, if she judged she had to punish me she would.

But I am ot sure..suddendly I generally felt someone (a spirit) was sad around me... I asked my spirit guides they said no. How will I know if she will punish me? I can't sense.

Re: Punish from Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Which goddess are you refering to and what is you think you might have did to upset her?

Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 3
I'm reffering to Goddess Kali. That's the problem I don't know...

Re: Punish from Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I don't know much about Kali. However, my Councilor TempestQueen does. I'm sure she would not mind a message from you if you want to spitball some ideas with her. She has plenty of Hindu resources and has been devoted to Kali for many years.


Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 5
well. not that i am intending any offence by this, but Offending anyone hard enough is a surefire way of incurring a bad thing coming. Perhaps you should should ask this goddess what you did wrong. That's my default approach to resolving things like this anyways.


You can think to them to communicate. That is how i do it. AS for how i gained this ability, it just happened one day. Cannot really explain how it happened, it just did.

Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 6
I Know you consider yourself devoted to 'the goddess'. But honestly if you don't know what you did to her then there is a chance 'she' won't punish you. She, being a goddess has more important things to do. Lastly I would appreciate it if you would explain to me how you 'sensed' she is sad

Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 7
That's the thing NAnderson I don't know how I offended her. Of course it's a backfire she has punished me in the past... I tried to ask but I am too stressed to understand...

Untdkngdm33 why you put this: ' everywhere?? 'The goddess' is, A Goddess and a Unique and Amazing one. She would punish me no matter what, when we deserve it we get and then either she'll tell us what we did wrong or we'll discover it by ourselves.

She has more important things to do?? Each Deity's devotee is surely one of the most important things and a priority, that, is granted. Kali, we her children are a priority for her and I make sure to you she would never, never ignore us or ignore our punishment. Her children are a priority to her and one of the most important things for her. She loves us through the deep of her heart and we love her as well. Hahaha, you really do not Kali if you say that...

I just looked at her picture and I sensed it. I sensed sadness. I didn't know what was it for. Then, I was sensing sadness from the general environment around me and I know it was a sort of spirit. I have felt this again, when Kali, "my" spirit Guides and another entity I have summoned were all annoyed by me... It wasn't somethint serious but I sensed it; I sensed the same now it was just sadness.

Re: Punish from Gods
By: / Novice
Post # 8

If you do not know why Kali would punish you, then why do you feel She is punishing you? I personally do not feel Kali would just randomly punish Her devotees with no reason, and that is even if She would punish you.

I understand you feel a sadness around you. Perhaps you have fallen away from Her to where you are not feeling Her connection to you as well? It happens from time to time, that we may fall away from the practices that connect us to Her. Or perhaps you did indeed offend Her in some way (though I think you would remember it if it was something that bad).

Either way my suggestion is if you feel very strongly this way, that you have offended Kali, why not do things in Her honor? Why not do research, read about Her, learn more about Her (as there is always more to learn no matter where you are with your spiritual education). Do devotions for Her, give offerings, write poetry to Her and read it aloud near your altar or another spiritual area. You can read Her many names, the longest list I have found has 1008 names for Kali. Do something you know would make Her happy. Visit a local Temple, give offerings there even. Do something you know would put a smile on Her face.

Also something to remember with Kali, She is not always a gentle teacher. If you are to be learning something, it may not come at you in the easiest way. It also may not be the easiest lesson to learn.

Feel free to mail me about this if you would like :)

Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 9
I don't know if this thread is a good place to start discussing my punctuation. But I will remind you my question as it has not been answered. So how did you 'sense' she is sad?

Re: Punish from Gods
Post # 10
Thanks TemptestQueen for answering. :) No no I don't feel she's punishing me, not at all. I sensed she was sad and I thought "What if she was sad because she would punish me later and she'll be sad for seeing me suffering?" Yes, she doesn't punish her devotees with no reason of course.

No no, I can Cleary understand this feeling, trust me; the sadness was not from me but from a spirit or spirits around me. I didn't use to devotee my self to Kali much although she has asked. Now I am though, I give her food, water, moonwater and have bought a red plant as a devotion to her.

I didn't think about the poetry though, I could work on that!

Ohh yess trust me I know she's not! I have learnt harsh lessons from her that were necesaary though... I think the best teaching comes through the hardest way.

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