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Post # 1
I need help and suggestion, I see the uncrossing candle not going stop this woman,realized to day it is going to take more then a candle to stop here, she is study working to hurt and harm me. So I asking for a hex, spell anything to stop this woman dead in her tracks and never be able to harm, me or inter fear in my life or love lifesaver again. So any suggestion on what I can use or do will appreciate. At my wits end one part of me want to go to her house and do a beat down, but that would not change the fact that she doing root work to harm me and inter fear in my day to day life and love life. She been doing this to me a many years and I'm tired. Time to get revenge against her in the worst way. So need help. All suggestion appreciated.
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Re: Help
Post # 2
I guess first thing is first. to take the right action, we need a little more information. it may be just that I am not really familiar with previous posts regarding the situation, but a summary might help give some insight.

-Do you know what she is doing to harm you. What kinds of magic or practices?
-How is this attack manifesting itself? is it in negative dreams, oppressive energy, bad luck, sickness... knowing how you are being affected can go a long ways in breaking the cycle.
-Do you know how this all started? We wouldn't need personal details, but anything you can share on how it began can shed light. Were you friends who had a falling out? Was there some slight or argument between you? Did you meet through some online forum like MIRC and have some sort of argument? were one of you (or both of you) dabbling in something and had it backfire? If we can establish a cause it will point to the cure.
- How long has this been going on, and what have you done already other than the uncrossing? Both magically and/or through mundane means? (IE; did you try sitting down with the person and conversing about the issue?)
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Re: Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

If you are new to magic then I would not start out by using hexes and curses against someone who may or may not be working magic against you. Better to start with protective magic and cleansing.

I would start by doing a generalized cleansing of your home. Start with a mundane house cleaning, then go on to do a magical one to banish any negative energies that might have entered your home.

Once the cleansing is done, you will want to erect magical wards to keep negative energy or entities ffrom entering your home. I've written all of this up in a post at

I also have a Witch's Ball in my bedroom and a Witch Bottle buried at the doorstep to keep away things that would do harm.

And don't forget to create strong personal shields for yourself. You can read more about these at

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Re: Help
Post # 4
I have know this woman for years, never really been friends. I never done anything to this woman but be nice but every man i am with she go after. What ever she has done to me is messing with my health, my love life my finances, some things chocking me while i am asleep.
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Re: Help
Post # 5
This has been going on for years her and her family do root work. She has hated me as long as I can remember always said I thought i was more then her because i finished high school went on to get a college education even with kids. I did not become a crack addict like her. For the last 7 years i have had run in with her. When found out she was messing round with my man. I paid to have what ever she had done to me remove and her remove 7 years ago. Until my better half went down to visit his step father about 4 months ago and things had changed between us when he got back and he was only gone for the weekend. I have family who reads but that all they do i had a feeling,he confirmed it. I have not done anything but burn uncrossing candles and Reverse candles.
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