Afraid of my new ability

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Afraid of my new ability

Afraid of my new ability
Post # 1
I copied my bio so that you guys don't have to go to my profile:

Ah, welcome and blessed be! I am called Valestar, and I recently discovered a strange power that I possess..... This power is tied directly with my emotions, both emotions I am aware of feeling and emotions I am not aware of feeling. My emotions control the wind wherever I happen to be. When I am very angry and/or keep my emotions bottled up for too long, a large storm happens. Depending on the emotion and how strongly I feel it, the wind can be a soft, fluttery breeze or a sharp, cutting gale. Sometimes it gets frustrating, like the time when one of my storms caused a city-wide blackout. Yikes.

I am afraid I will hurt my friends, or destroy things, or hurt anyone. I don't want my power to lose control and wreak havoc...
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Re: Afraid of my new ability
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Don't worry, you don't have any superpowers. These are merely coincidences. A lot of people's emotions get tied up with the weather - it's more likely that the environment is messing with your mood rather than your emotions controlling the weather.

Next time a storm comes around, don't get yourself worked up about it. Take it as a good opportunity to learn some new grounding techniques. Sit down, listen to the rain, wind, or thunder and relax and try to ground yourself and whatever emotions you might be feeling. Maybe even look up some guided meditations to help you out.
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Re: Afraid of my new ability
Post # 3
Very true what has been mentioned already. And also that the weather can not be controlled. Can only be 'predicted' by means of advanced scientific equipment.
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Re: Afraid of my new ability
Post # 4
Well it could just be your emotions connected to the weather or like you say it could just be you doing this. I had to deal with stuff like this as a little kid when i didnt understand what it meant. (about 2nd grade) When I would sing the wind would blow really strong and sometimes it would storm. Now thats just me, as i got older i figured out i was a siren. Its probley just something you were born with and discovered at a certain age. Or (VERY unlikely) it could be a curse. Try when ever your emotions get strong meditate till your calm, or pick something like a mood necklace or ring or something of that sort to be your symbol and try bonding or tying your powers down to the symbol when your emotions get strong.
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