Void and spirit

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Void and spirit
Post # 1
We know that the five elements such as Air - Fire - Earth - Water - Void are all balanced by the spirit. If drawn as pentagram then the spirit is written in middle not at the top.

And so it seems that the void is different than the spirit or we can say spirit created void .
Then the question is what is void exactly?. Is it all about gaining knowledge from void like in dragon magick?

In an article(meditation -void)that i have read it's all about the third eye(indigo chakra) .Or can't we say simply that we gain inner knowledge or awareness from the spirit instead of saying void.

Can somebody explain it a bit?
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Re: Void and spirit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water are based on ancient Greek teachings. Spirit and void would be additions made in the modern era.

Chakras come from the Vedas which is an ancient Hindu writing.
If you want to learn more about them I would suggest you find a copy of the Vedas to understand them better. Look into Hindu teachings as well.

Not all who use elements use the same ones as they differ between cultures. Not all consider spirit or void elements. Not all see the third eye in the Hindu way, some ascribe to the modern neo-pagan version of it.

Trying to make all of these ideas from different cultures equal and the same is difficult and often seen as insulting to those who follow the exact path you are borrowing from. Try to learn more about the culture and the idea before trying to mash it altogether.
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Re: Void and spirit
Post # 3
By my experience, the idea of spirit relates to the higher self. The Light-body, higher knowledge, past lives, and spiritual energy. The void was born from the idea of balance, and the wiccan observation of the concept of 'as above, so below'.

In that regard, Void can be interpreted as the lack of spirit. Just as darkness is the opposite (and lack) of light. It is a pretty literal term for emptiness. The magical version of the mathematical zero. The vacuum. Anti-matter. ... That sort of thing.
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Re: Void and spirit
Post # 4
I agree to what you say spirit75. The void as it's name says resembles darkness. Dragon magick uses both light (higher self/spirit) and darkness (void) because it's about balance. Only light can balance darkness. As you said about 'as above so below'. This is something I know but I feel there is more to it about void that I should know. It is because of wisdom we come to experience void.

In my studies I am trying to relate this basic information from the bible ( complete including all rejected texts gnostic) itself . I know there is lot of debate on that but I don't care I will not give up because i believe every religion is trying to explain something common which we can say truth and for me I am just a seeker. To weild great power one must know the truth about who they are and then we can do anything simply by believing and nothing other than that such as tools would be required to mote our will. I believe the reason it doesn't happen is because of our perceptions that's all!

This article tells about soul and spirit explains spirit is with soul and soul with spirit that's what makes us a being.

This PDF also tells the same thing.

There are many things that are explaining the same but here I have just mentioned two.
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Re: Void and spirit
Post # 5
Instead of saying void we can also say chaos as it is required to clear out space so that other four elements could express themselves for creation.
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Re: Void and spirit
Post # 6
the five elements are for me: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Love.
Instead of love you could also say Aether or Ether. I don't believe it means balance. I believe that the four elements are originated from the fifth. If you can control the fifth or are the fifth you can be or control either one of the four.
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Re: Void and spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 7
well the elements depend on culture and path. the typical ones are air, fire, water, earth and spirit, but there are also void, chaos, metal, and wood. [less common but i have met people who work with lava, lightning, mist, snow, darkness, and stone] i personally work with the common 5, and occasionally i work with chaos but my brain is too logical to comprehend it [my fiance on the other hand works exclusively with chaos energy]

regarding Dragon Magick, the more common ones i have heard are air, fire, water, earth and chaos, or it's air, lava, metal, wood and chaos. [or a mix and match of those above elements depending on the individuals path] the majority of Dragon Magick practitioners i have met however tend to hold Chaos as the most valuable element [valuable might not be the best work, but it does hold a special place in the circle similar to how one would have a spirit candle on the altar because many view chaos as the creating and ruling energy of the universe]

i'm no expert on chakras, but the third eye does bring a lot of insight and inner wisdom. it promotes self development and looking inward instead of relying on outside guidance. it is rather important/wise to be able to sit with yourself and dive into your subconscious. however, some people aren't ready, or get stuck and need a little push, in those instances, yes, spirits can guide you and help you find answers to questions. just don't be upset when it's not the answer you wish to hear. doubling back to Dragon Magick for a minute, i didn't want to learn about chakras [as they bored me at the time] instead, i wanted to do more shadow work, but when i asked for guidance the Dragons just sent me right back to chakra work, when i persisted... lets just say they weren't too happy.

you can gain wisdom from anything really, it's just your ability to comprehend and apply the wisdom that matters.
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Re: Void and spirit
Post # 8
You sure are correct nekoshema and somewhere in deep I was waiting for that last paragraph you said. And as for the elements everyone follows differently so I guess about me I really might be focussing upon creation where I think the eraser here is the void( chaos) and rest of the four elements air water - fire - earth together works as pencil and lastly the spirit( father/ guide/higher self) present within us(soul/child) together as ONE using them.

Void express quite differently to that of the nature of four elements. To put simply void do not have its own shape unlike other elements it is like a limitless ocean not knowing what to do on its own.
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