New House, New Spirit

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New House, New Spirit
Post # 1
I'm not sure if I am posting in the right form or not ... So sorry if I am not .

Okay, so recently me and my boyfriend moved into a house, this is ny grandfather's , grandparents house. I grew up here, and this house is full of memories. My mom grew up here, etc. However, since we moved in there have been some strange things happening. I'd like to also point out a few key thing's, I had a bad experience ( PTSD ) concerning the upstairs small room, this one picture on the wall use to fall and shortly after someone in the family would die, and my boyfriend has worked with paranormal activity in the past.

Since we've moved in, he has seen a big black shadow walk through the hallway, stand up behind him as he closed a curtain, appear at the top of the steps, and show up in mirrors. It has never appeared to me . He said that it's 6'6, big and black ... We thought it was my grandfather, but we aren't sure. Also before he sees it out lab, either growls or comes to me and has this look in her eyes. I'm not sure what it is and I don't know if it's harmful or not or if it's my grandfather or not.
Any help or ideas as to who or what would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: New House, New Spirit
Post # 2
I believe the falling of the photo was a result of a physical disturbance. Maybe the window might have been open and wind is responsible? In that case it has nothing to do with the death of any of your family members.
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Re: New House, New Spirit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The picture might have fallen for various reasons. For example, it has not been attached well, a heavy vehicle passed outside the road and the caused the walls to vibrate, or it was from a wind gust if it is not heavily framed one. You have to exclude all possible physical explanations and observe if it will do that again for no apparent reason. Keep in mind old houses also tend to start moving structurally.This movement is not fast and progressive, but occurs in time. My house has moved an inch outward now for the last seven years. I can tell by the widening space between the kitchen tiles upstairs and the cracks under the kitchen door.

As for the shadow, it seems like there has to be something, especially if the dog is reacting adverse to something that for you is just not there. The dogs have much more keen senses than we do, and they are not prone to mental illnesses, which might be causing hallucinations.

I doubt that this is your grandfather or any other ancestor. If they were, they would have found way to contact you in your dream and to let you know they are just watching over you or just being stuck in the house. The easiest way to find out is to just ask the thing to identify itself. They can hear us very well. It is just that we cannot communicate directly with them because we cannot hear them easy. Dogs can hear them and their ears will perk up, and try to locate the source of the sound, but as they cannot locate anything that smells and looks like human, that can freak them out. At that point they already know here something is just not right. At that point, they can exhibit any sort of weird behaviour depending on the personality of each individual dog and their experiences. Some will run and hide and refuse to step a pow in the room where the entity is. Others will bark and pace around and try to chase it. Observe its behaviour closely. If the odd behaviour continues it is not a fluke, there is something that disturbs the dog on frequent basis. Make sure you do not have rodents or other animals in the house coming during the night to disturb the dog. It might be growling because of them.

If that continues and both the dog and your partner keep detecting things, you can set up night vision camera in the room with most frequent sightings. You can also use digital recorder to ask the entity to identify itself, but keep in mind spirits can lie as much as human do. Therefore, it can clime that it is your grandfather, when it is not whatsoever.
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Re: New House, New Spirit
Post # 4
One of the simplest things to do is to establish some ground rules in your home. It usually begins with a clensing to generate an air of positive energy, which fills in the space and pushes away negative energy. Then a blessing would be next, where you would establish that no being of negative or malicious intent is permitted to enter your home. And only beings of the light, with intent to heal, uplift, and protect are welcome.

By building and maintaining a positive atmosphere in your home, it blocks out negative entities from being able to enter. But other positive entities are still able to exist within. It is the like attracts like thing. Then if that visitor of yours IS negative, it will be pushed out. If it is a positive entity, then it will be able to remain.
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Re: New House, New Spirit
Post # 5
I should have pointed out that's it has happened very frequently overt the course of us staying here. The picture thing, my grandmother is the one who noticed it. She watched it happen over and over , throughout her stay here. And it truly has accrued. One time that I can honestly remember is, I was living here and the air was off, the window closed and everyone asleep, and it fell. Just out of no where and a few weeks later my grandfather died.
It has proven over and over countless times that when it falls death is coming.
As far as the shadow, my boyfriend has seen it about 7 times since we moved in ( me back in ) a month ago.
I will gladly try the things that were suggested..
Thank you
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