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Spell help
Post # 1
I need help with a spell, to help someone see the error of their ways and to open their heart, I have been friends with someone the last three years almost four years and we have always spoke everyday but the last three months someone came between us and made my friend a very bitter person, she and I barely talk but yet I know she watches what I do from afar.

I've been told to use a Honey Jar spell to bring us closer and I was wondering if this is the best route because it sweetens the mood and their feelings and has been effective a lot of times
can someone tell me any other spells similar to what I'm looking for, just incase?
I'm curious to learn more
or can people tell me some spells that helped them?
otherwise I will do the Honey Jar spell ;;

I myself need to work on forgiveness and allowing myself to no bring up what they've done in our conversations because it would only cause tension. but I can do that on my end of the relationship, but on their end I want them to open their heart like it used to be and to realize what they've done was wrong
so we both can have our friendship back

TDLR: the problem is shes too prideful and stubborn and doesn't want to admit she was wrong. I can admit my wrong doings in the friendship but she can't I need a spell to help get her to open her heart and mind to seeing what she did wrong and apologize so we can get our relationship back on track
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Re: Spell help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
As far as the spell goes...what kind of path are you following? If youre into hoodoo (HJ) then there are lots of different binding spells you can use in that tradition. I dont know if thats really the direction you want to take though.

What I really admire is that your introspection has led you to understanding ways you can prevent exacerbating the current situation with your friend.

Having a frank conversation about a relationship can be a drag, or difficult. I guess thats to be expected. It sounds like you kinda wish the poi would admit she was wrong and just get back to your previous friendship.

Maybe a road opener spell for both of you if she is into that? Or clearing negativity?

The HJ is a good practice. If you really want to use magic to seed this along, then look into or design your spell to clear negative emotions and open new ways for communication open...or look at making your friendship start on a new foot or journey?

Since this is so incredibly personal and interpersonal (and intrapersonal based on your desire to change and let go of negative feelings) you really need to design this sell yourself i think.

Choose items personal to both you and your friend or evoke positive feelings of shared experiences together to weave a little ritual celebrating and strengthening your relationship.

Thats what I think anyways....

I really admire your loyalty to your friend and your own self awareness have a real desire for positivity in your life and you know how to effect honestly, making a spell yourself based on these principles ought to be interesting, productive and definitely in your skill set.

What do you think?

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Re: Spell help
Post # 3
First of all thank you so much for answering~~!!
secondly, yes I do like working in hoodoo. I have been trying to look into that, I used a binding spell before for something else and it worked so maybe I can go that route again

shes a believer in magic and she wouldn't mind having negativity cleared

the whole point of this is I want to open an opportunity so we can have a conversation where she'll listen and we can perhaps move forward to a better beginning in our friendship,. she won't allow us to but I'm hoping with a spell that she will give me more then ten seconds of her time

oh thank you for admiring that. I hear a lot from people I'm a good friend or I should do my own spells. it's a bit nervewracking to try my own spells but I should be more confident since I have items for us both, I have read up on /how/ to create your own spell so perhaps I shall do that, thank you very much again!!~~
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Re: Spell help
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Dont doubt yourself. The outcome may not necessarily be what you expected, typically it will be even better. but trust yourself. you got this! ( :

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