Fairies through oujia?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Fairies through oujia?

Fairies through oujia?
Post # 1
Can you talk to fairies through a oujia board?
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Re: Fairies through oujia?
Post # 2
That's an interesting question!!
I've never heard anyone say that, but in my personal opinion I don't think you can, I've heard of many ways to attract faeries through Astral projection, Cream milk and sugar, certain flowers, bells, or soft music. but I don't think an Oujia board can help you, Oujia boards are notorious for invoking demons and bad spirits, I wouldn't advise using it, you see Faeries are gentle and magical creatures, they wouldn't want to be around such dark creatures. besides Oujia boards are for contacting the DEAD not ALIVE Faeries.but but as I said there are more practical and safer ways to enchant faeries to visit you.
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Re: Fairies through oujia?
Post # 3
I just know the ouija is good for contacting other realms. I think I've been visited by a fairy before.
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Re: Fairies through oujia?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I do not work with the fae. Something, however, which some who do may bring up is that location might make a difference. Many people who work with fae do so outside, and many believe the fae do not -- at least not often -- venture into manmade structures.

So if you choose to do this, consider doing it outside in stead.
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Re: Fairies through oujia?
Post # 5
Yes, it is completely possible trust me. You can summon any type of entity through the Ouija board but be careful, Ouija is simple but if not used correctly it is extremely dangerous. I've had trouble in the past with that, I'm talking on first hand...

Don't do the "Is anyone here?" type of thing, by asking that you open an energeic gateway to literally all spirits. This is called an "Informal summoning" which means you invite Anything; something which do not suggest at all, not even with protection. It's dangerous.

However, if you call upon a specific entity then this is called a "Formal" summoning and only that entity hears the summon. Hoever you still have to be careful, this is not an excuse to not add up protection; if the entity doesn't show up another one is able to get the place and come in; only that entity may hear the summon but it doesn't mean others cannot sense it or find it. In this type of thing, protection is used obviously for not letting other entities to talk or even protect you from any type of harm.

To call upon Fairies just spin the planchette three times in a circular motion and call upon Fairies; After, Protection. Be sue to call upon only Fairies, nothing else. You could say something like "I call upon the Faries into this summoning." or whatever fits you; the point is to be clear about who you call.

I advise using offerings to them. It is not necessary but they will really appreciate it. As I was writting this, I got glimpse of peach smell and it immediately got in my mind. I have never ate peaches into this room and a peach has to literally come into our house for moths. I got it again!! And it was more intense. And again! Listen to me; something in this way is telling me you should use peaches. Do you have peaches growing this period? Or can you buy peaches? Give them to Fairies!! Trust me it was not random or an illusion..offer peaches to Fairies.
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