Taking A Leave

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Taking A Leave
Post # 1
Have any of you ever had to take a leave from your practice?
I just recently took a leave from all magic other than simple meditation and chanting. After doing this I feel much stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually. I encourage all of you to leave your inputs on taking a leave from magic.
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Re: Taking A Leave
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I occassionally take breaks from my practice. Sometimes I do this because life gets in the way and I find I don't have the time to do my daily devotionals or other practices that I tend to do. I can become a little overwhelmed when there is a lot I am trying to study/incorporate into my practice, so I take a break to recover or to lessen that stress. Othertimes I take a break to get some fresh perspective on what I do and reorient myself with my path. It's been very beneficial and healthy for me.

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Re: Taking A Leave
Post # 3
I definitely have. For a few years now I have done almost nothing. Meditation is always a part of my life, and I rely on the tarot now and then to help me think through problems. I went through a period of great changes in many parts of my life and I felt at odds with my practice. My views have certainly changed but I have really come to understand why I love it so much, what draws me to ritual, and how that can fit in my life no matter what. My increase in creative output and motivation in life now that I've decided to take the path up again have only confirmed that it was important part of my life. Sometimes we can work through things using magic. Other times the doubt can interfere too much to let magic help.
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Re: Taking A Leave
By: / Novice
Post # 4
some call this spiritual burnout, and it's happened to me. i look for some way to make my daily life magickal, so i can combine the spiritual and mundane worlds thus i don't feel as bad if i miss a circle or two. breaks can give perspective, time to relax and reflect, don't feel too bad, just be aware of little things. [it took me a long time before i felt the desire to cast a circle, but i made it a point to take a walk in the woods every day to simply observe the changing seasons. in this way i felt like i was holding space]

i took a huge leave after college, i graduated, started being an adult, had less time for my friends, and eventually esbats and sabbats would slip by and i would be all 'oh no, Litha was three weeks ago! i'm a bad witch. i'll do something for the next one... uh... what's the next one?' [seriously, Lughnasadh still creeps up on me lol] this went on for a good couple years, until i read The Goddess is in the Details and it talked about combining magickal practices with every day activities and that really sparked my journey again. now i try and do a little something every day in a way i can reflect on my path. [could be visualizing washing away negative energy while washing the floor, or simply listening to a pagan podcast while on a walk] breaks are worth it, just be open.
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