Trickery of the FAE

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Trickery of the FAE

Trickery of the FAE
Post # 1
Ok so I have a question regarding the Fae and and their trickery. Would they steal my wildflowers?!?!?! I recently moved and the backyard of my house not only has a surplus of native magical plants, but also a lot of flowers/plants that indicate presence of the Fae, and when I go do my morning gardening I have seen things that may indicate they are indeed around. Now one of the things I have in a crazy amount of wild violets all over the place, which is great because I was planning to use them a lot. So today I do my morning gardening, picked dome herbs and what not, and went on about my day. Later on I felt really sick (but this time it was dark out) so I went outside to pick some violets to use for healing. Except when I went outside I couldn't find a single one!! I couldn't help the wonder if the Fae are to blame.
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Re: Trickery of the FAE
Post # 2
In my opinion, they wouldn't take things to their world from Earth without upsetting reality. It is rare.
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Re: Trickery of the FAE
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

It is very unlikely that the Fae had anything to do with it. They are not apt to be doing things such as that.

Since you were looking in the dark what is more likely is that you simply missed the violets as their blooms close in the night. Or it is also possible that they have bloomed and the blossoms are now faded away so that all that is left are the leaves.

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Re: Trickery of the FAE
Post # 4
Many wild animals also have a habit of eating flower blooms. If you have deer or rabbits in the area especially. As was said before, Fae don't tend to destruction of natural things, especially if those things are in their care. if they were going to punish a person for a slight or insult they would direct their mischief towards the source, as it were.

That said, if you want to recognize and befriend any local fae that may be in the area, I would suggest leaving the occasional small plate of cream, beer, or sweet-bread in a secluded corner of the garden. Just set it down at dusk or dawn, and say aloud that it is a gift to whatever friendly folk may be in the area then leave it behind. of course come out and clean up the leftovers at the end of the day (or the next morning) as well. Rotting foodstuffs can spoil the pleasent-ness of your garden and/or attract vemin flies and such. ^_^

By my understanding, Fae and their mischief tends to start due to some sort of debt. In most old folk-tales, Fae will show up at a home and perform menial but helpful tasks in the night. For example sharpening shovels and saws, cleaning tools, weeding gardens and/or chasing away vermin. And even though they start performing these services of their own volition, without being asked for the help, eventually they then make themselves known and tend to ask for some sort of payment for their help.

This becomes a part of their mischief as it can become almost a form of extortion to the unwary. And if that payment is not made, the consequences are usually a reversal of their help. Tools suddenly becoming dull and rusty. crops overgrown with weeds or consumed by vermin, or harvested (suddenly disappearing) by the Fae themselves.

This is also why it is said to never accept anything from the fay in folklore and stories, even if it is left in the open as an implied gift. They are very concerned with debt. Even in tales of encountering the Fae within their own realm, or on a Faerie road, it is wise to never so much as take a sip of water from a table at a laid feast in your honor unless you are prepared to provide some payment or service of your own.

Cautions and Folklore aside, Fae can be very friendly and helpful beings, especially for those who can become friends with them. Or if you can somehow earn their respect. The best start if you want to pursue relations would be gifts/offerings like above, or of course other things like honey, grains, milk, and personally hand-made confections or pastries.
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