Something touched me

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Something touched me
Post # 1
Hi I am new here I have cast a few spells however mine are based on my own recipe and work on reiki energy. I have had some great success with my spells.
However, I have just been casting and something touched me. It was really odd it not only touched me once but it was a few times. I had my eyes closed and presumed the cat was in the room but because it happened repeatedly I opened my eyes to check, the cat was nowhere to be seen i'm pretty sure he's out of the house.
I'v searched for this but can find nothing. Has this happened to anyone or has anyone heard of this? I'm a bit freaked out right now!
Also sorry didn't know which section to post this under i hope i got it right.

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Re: Something touched me
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

This could be a hallucination, they are extremely scary but common. I've had some hallucinations like this before. It could just be you over-thinking, especially because you are casting spells and have had good success with them. If you believe this is a spirit, you may try using meditation to come in contact with it to ask what it wants or needs from you, the spirit may just feel comfortable around you.

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Re: Something touched me
By: / Novice
Post # 3

If it is indeed a spirit, it's not that uncommon for you to feel a touch. When a spirit is interested in a person, because they want to warn her about something, make contact, etc.. You will feel it. Some common feelings are:

  • Feeling watched
  • Feeling cold for no reason
  • Feeling a touch
  • Hearing noises

If it is indeed trying to make contact with you, maybe you should try to make contact with it too, like stated above.

Try not to feel scared or try to deminuish it. Some spirits will not take advantage of it, but some will. Remember, you can always banish it, trust yourself.

This has happened to me a lot of times, mainly because I'm always around spirits & work with them. It's something kind of " normal " to me now. If the spirit is bad or anything, I usually banish it.

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Re: Something touched me
Post # 4
When I was little I was also touched a couple of times. I don't k ow if you felt the same thing I did, but when I was a kid I felt almost like a hand running down my back. It didn't feel threatening, it actually felt comforting. It happened three times on the same day and I asked my mom if she touched me, she said no. To this day I still have no idea what it was.
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