Energy manipulation

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Forums -> General Info -> Energy manipulation

Energy manipulation
Post # 1
What are your thoughts on it? And if you do, how do ypu practice it?
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Re: Energy manipulation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Energy manipulation
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Easy. Energy follows breath, movement and intention.All that you have to do is work at it.

Now, yoiu first have to develop awareness and sensitivity to be able to work with it. Martial arts such as Aikido and Tai Chi are great for that. So is Reiki and Tan Tien Chi Kung. There are also many great exercises and practices that you can easily find to start developing sensitivity.

You must also have clarity. Clairty of breath, movement and intent. But, most of all, clarity in your life. Just as you can't run water through a mud hole and expect it to be clear on the other end, you can't expect energy to be clear and focused if your life is not.

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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 4
When it comes to energy working, I have come to collect a few general ideas that have helped to shape my practice;

- Action follows thought. (More precisely, intent.)
- movement occurs towards the direction of least resistance.
- negative/low vibration energy can not easily penetrate or pass through areas of positive/high vibration energy.
- positive and negative energies have distinct feelings when in their presence. Positive is additive (light, warm, relaxing, positive emotions, comfort). negative is subtractive. (Dark, heavy, cold, draining, promotes anxiety)
-Like attracts like.

As far as how I practice energy working, I tend to keep it to the basics. IE; Through meditation, visualization, and directed thought/intent. Considering I primarily use energy work for healing and protection/cleansing practices, I have developed a habit of just focusing on my intent, then opening up to channel energy through myself, otherwise getting out of the way of the flow. Energy has a natural tendency to collect in places that are weakened, and higher vibration energy tends to push away or lift/remove lower vibration energy. All without the need for my input. So I focus on the goal or purpose of the channeling.

I look at working with energy the same way as taking a drink of water. You have a glass on the table, you decide you want a sip, then you teach out and take a sip. Your mind and body already know how to do it, you don't have to be aware of which muscles are flexing, when, how hard, ... you don't have to decide how to take hold of the cup, or organize the process of lifting it to your lips. In fact trying to do so makes the process suddenly slow and difficult. Shaky. Clumsy even.

Of course while that is a good ideal to strive for, when first starting it still helps to understand the process. It might even take some practice with the motion-by-motion process of figuring out what to do. But as you practice, it gradually becomes muscle memory if you let it.
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