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questions for gods here
Post # 1
I have several questions for those who have used the spells on this site to become a god in their own right:

1. what is it like, and what is the extent of one's power as a god? I am confused on whether one becomes immortal or what.

2. what types of powers would I gain?

3. would I be able to create my own people?

4. and what is the limit for the number of powers one could have?

Re: questions for gods here
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Any spell that offers any sort of transformation be it; god, vampire, werewolf,..etc. do not work. We can not alter the physical plane. So to answer your questions;

1) No one would know what being a god is like because no one can become one.

2) You will not gain powers, because those type of spells do not work.

3) No, because again, those spells do not work.

4) 0, because finally, I hope you understand I am trying to not be rude, but those spells do not work.

To add onto question one, no one can become immortal, we are mortal, we are human, our spirits, which can be debated depending on the belief, are immortal, because energy can not be destroy only manifested.

Re: questions for gods here
Post # 3
I believe I should attempt it myself just to be sure. If not, at least I will no for sure.

Re: questions for gods here
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Very well, I am not going to tell you what you can and can not do, all I can do is just state what I know. You can practice this "spell" as much as you want, but in the end you will gain no results.

Re: questions for gods here
By: / Novice
Post # 5
if you insist on trying the spell for yourself go for it, but please don't try any spells that require anything like self harm or some similar dangerous activity.

these spells will not work because of the nature of magick. it's not as fantastical as you see in movies [it's more like a ritualized prayer] a spell works by directing energy on a specific path to bring a desired change. this energy is natural, and works with the laws of nature. it also cannot effect the physical, only the energy surrounding a person/situation to bring that desired change. you are human, no spell can change this fact. if you wish to become a god the only examples i can think of are humans who did amazing things so people believed they became gods after death [Imhotep for example was such an amazing architect people began to worship him]

Re: questions for gods here
Post # 6
The human is already a godlike being, you just have use your powers differently. The power of the human kind is creation. Look at this world what the humans already have build and still are building.

What do you mean with "create my own people"? As a human being you can create (and destroy) spiritual entities, I've created a spell about this "Creating your own Angels" if you want to know more about this you can pm me.

It's better to change the word powers to gifts and skills. Which are unlimited and trainable.

You are blocking yourself by splitting the spirit in godly and ungodly, these are one. By doing so you say that other entities are more powerful than you which is in fact not true at all. You as a living being are far much stronger than anything spiritual.

good luck

Re: questions for gods here
By: / Novice
Post # 7

To answer your questions:

1) No. You are now and forever human. Welcome to the club. You are not a god and will not have the powers of a god. You are not immortal, at least not in the sense that you are thinking of. You will, like all of us, move on from this existence at some point to what comes next or take another turn here, if you believe in such things.

2) You will gain whatever you put out by doing a spell. If you put out fiction, you will get fiction back.

3) This was covered in Sex Ed in junior high.

4) One. I'll leave you to ponder that.

Re: questions for gods here
Post # 8
I am new to this sight. I agree with most of the common sense answers that were given in reply to your requested information. I do know that their is a path to becoming what you desire. I do also know that few people ever find it. This path does Not make your current life easier, and I can almost guarantee that becoming unpopular will be a understatement. The problem is that while most of the people around you are living outside with themselves a person on the path will be living inside of themselves and the feeling that you give off seams to weird out most people. That is only the beginning. Are you still interested? I only ask because if the spirit has you and you are desiring to endure then you will probably go on no matter what anybody says.

Re: questions for gods here
Post # 9
1.Most people accept that it is impossible to 'become a god'. Up to this time there has been no documented cases of immortality. No one known has reached say 300 years of age and had it verified. Honestly 300 seems to be a small number.
2. Nothing beyond human ability. So no teleportation or anything related has been demonstrated.
3. Using reproduction, yes.
4. Nothing beyond human ability. So no teleportation or anything related has been demonstrated.

Re: questions for gods here
Post # 10
Any spell that breaks the physical plane are fake such as transformation, immortality, ect.

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