Astral realm thoughts

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Astral realm thoughts

Astral realm thoughts
Post # 1
I have some thoughts about the astral realm, let me start with how I come up with this stuff( I guess you could say).
I usually cannot sleep at night with my mind racing, so I sit and ponder things that don't make sense in our world or try to come up with solutions to our problems. Last night, I was pondering things about the astral realm.
People say that our minds are our greatest weapon ( or something along those lines, I apologize for I cannot remember the phrase ), So I was wondering Is everything we dream up become true in the astral realm?
Or are the things we come up with already exist, but we get glimpses of them in dreams or our wandering through the realm?

I thought that I should share these and hope I make sense.
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Re: Astral realm thoughts
Post # 2
(Sorry forgot to add this in the first post.)
Would it be possible if it were true?
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Re: Astral realm thoughts
By: / Novice
Post # 3

First, what are dreams? There are estimates that your brain takes in 10 billion bites of information every minute from what you see, hear, smell, touch, taste and think. Most of this you are not aware of. Every so often, your mind has to sort through it and get rid of it does not need. It does this by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and thinking. This process takes place when you are not concious. Therefore, we dream.

Dreams can, and do, create images on the mental and astral levels. They are "real" for us while we are in them, but quickly fade when we are not. Think of the mental and emotional levels as a movie screen. While the show is going the screen is the movie. When it is done, it returns to a neutral state. But that is not the reality of the mental or astral level, but the subjective reality that we impose for a brief time on the little section of it that we are aware of.

There are those who say that we can create anything that we want on the mental and emotional planes, and to an extent that is true. But, we are not the only things that exist on those levels. In fact, everything that exists has mental, astral and etheric forms. These forms are also constantly creating, and constantly influencing us just as we are influencing them. Also, there are higher levels (Spiritual, Divine, Atimic, Monad, etc) that work on these levels as well. So, yes, we may encounter things that are already there. However, most of what we encounter on the astral level will be our own mental and emotional projections.

To create lasting, functional thought forms takes focus, energy and a lot of work. It is something that we do if we are properly doing ritual or spell work correctly.

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Re: Astral realm thoughts
Post # 4
Thank you Gaggs, you helped clear up a good bit for me, so again thanks.
May the Sun be with you.
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