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Personality Change
Post # 1
Heyo it's me again. (I'm very new to magic so forgive my silly questions, I'm just curious of what I can do)
From my last forum, I saw that the main answer was no, which I expected. But my next question is: Can you change your personality?
Personally, I'm happy with mine but I've been getting weighed down from time to time and it's starting to affect my mental state of mind, it's causing me to lash out or start tearing up during a small argument and I hate it. I used to be happy and nice but now I feel like a different person. I guess what I'm looking for is a spell that can help me turn around and let me go back to being the person everyone could count on to make them smile and not frown or get angry at.
Recap of Question: Any good personality changing spells?
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Re: Personality Change
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello! You're new, so there are no silly questions!

The simple answer is no. Magick can't change things that make you.. well, you!

There are small things you can do to improve your mental state, though. If you feel stressed out, meditating can help - maybe if your angry you can count from one to ten. There are tons of tips online about how to center yourself and be kind generally, y'know?

I'm not sure how old you are but age can also cause changes. If you're transitioning from a kid to a teenager you'll probably have depressed feelings and be angry. It's very common.

It's always important to watch out for serious signs of depression and anxiety, which you can see a professional about.

You're welcome to message me if you need anything!

Blessed be!
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Re: Personality Change
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I would respectfully disagree with Bandjunkie. If there are things you want to change about you magic will certainly help you to change them. In fact, simply practicing magic can have profound changes on you. In regards to your personality, you can certainly increase certain aspects, cast away others and the like.

Your personality is who you are. It is nothing more than the programing in the subconscious mind. Like a tape recorder (Yes, I am that old.) you can record over the part that you don't want and replace it. Working with hypnotherapy, this is in essence what I do with clients. Therapists and counciors do it all the time too. You do, in fact, any time you change a habit, learn something new, or make a decision of how your life will change.

There are a few difficulties. It is very difficult to get someone ot change or override their core beliefs. For example, I was at a hypnosis show where the hypnotist got everyone to dance. Everyone on stage did except for one woman. Turned out that dancing was against her religion and it was so ingrained into her that she wouldn't do it, even them. Things like that are difficult to change.But not impossible. If she had wanted to change her religion or beliefs she could have, but it would have taken a lot of time and work to override that programing.

Magic, when working on yourself, works in a similar way. It gives you the tools to change and mold your personality. Those core things, like the religion in the previous example, are difficult to do and I would stay away from if you are not rather advanced and comfortable not only with magic but with the psychological makeup of what makes you "you". Start small.

Now, this is talking about the psychological you, which is much more fluid than the physical you. There are still set things that you can not do on the emotional and mental levels, but they are not as strict as the physical. So, don't let this carry over into thinking that you will be able to change your physical form.

Also, magic works when you support what you are trying to do with your actions. So, if you are trying to develop, for example, more of a calm personality you have to actually try not to get mad at everything. Remember that everything is energy. If you do a spell to change something about you, but then continuie the same old things, you are putting mixed signals out in an energetic form and you will be woefully disappointed with the results.

As always, just my advice.

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Re: Personality Change
By: / Novice
Post # 4
a 'spell' [by which i mean [light a candle under the full moon a midnight and say this chant 3 times' spell] will not change your personality.

however there are many magickal/spiritual things you can do to bring about change. shadow work for example can bring clairty, a deeper connection with yourself, and a more serene personality. shadow work is a self reflection technique where you observe the 'darker' aspects of yourself, understand and accept them, so you can better understand yourself, realize the causes for certain behavours and be able to stop/embrace/shift your being to a more positive mindset. it is not a way to 'delete' these parts of you, but it is a way to understand why you're suddenly grumpy. before you might go 'i'm just angry now ok?!' after some time with your shadow self, you might notice 'oh, i'm upset because my best friend is talking about this other person and i remember as a child loosing my old friends the same way' and therefore you can comfort yourself, and move past these feelings. [it's not for the faint of heart, and not something you should dive into unless you're ready, but it's the first example that came to mind. if you would like to learn more check out Kelly-Ann Maddox, she has a website and a youtube channel with information]

you can also do daily mediation, balace your chakras, mindfullness, journaling, cleansings, chargings, groundings and shieldings to help you keep balanced, centered, and awake of the energy [and your thoughts] throughout the day. journaling can do wonders in the self reflection department, understanding who you are and what you want can really effect your personality. finding out what makes you tick, and observing the world around you can bring change. you might also consider decluttering your life. this begins with stuff, because too much stuff can clutter your mind and let energy stagnate, but also the people who surround you, the things you watch, music you listen to, can effect your mood and shape your personality.
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