Question about wands

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Question about wands
Post # 1
Ok, so, wands (for me, you can believe what you will) are for directing magic, using the wand as a tool to help visualize the flow from you into the object or whatever. So, my question is, would cutting a flowering branch be a good or bad thing? Either from a karma standpoint or possibly the branch would be more open to magical energy? because it's flowering, i don't know that's why i'm asking. Thank's in advance for your help.
Go in peace, Andrew
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Re: Question about wands
By: / Novice
Post # 2

As far as I am aware, it is always recommended that you choose recently fallen, unrotted wood, or if none is available you ask the tree if you can take a branch before you remove it, in which case you would choose a relatively "unimportant" branch or twig, one that is not fruiting or flowering.

Karma is a belief rather than a fact, some people may not remove a living branch because they are concerned about karma but not everyone considers it a real occurrence.

In most cases, practitioners and day to day people collecting wood would never remove a living, important branch from a tree because it is a resource for the tree, we are collecting a tree's resources for free and if less important wood is available or wood from another tree, why remove something of such great importance from a specific tree.

I also can't personally imagine it being of any more magickal significance than the wood would be if it weren't from a flowering branch, but everyone has a different viewpoint.

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Re: Question about wands
Post # 3
Thanks for the tips, and ya, I don't believe in 'karma' but all actions have reactions and repercussions. But about the tree, I try to collect fallen wood, but I live in the city and it's hard (but not impossible) to collect dead or fallen branches. I do always ask and take the smallest portion of a branch.
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Re: Question about wands
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Question about wands
Post # 5
If you were in a pinch you could just as easily stop by a building supply or hardware store and buy an untreated wooden dowel. You could choose the diameter, type of wood, and length then carve and sand it how you will. Rub the wood with peanut (or other) oil each day until the wood is a rich color and smooth, or stain/varnish it to protect it. Then of course you can inset tie or glue crystals, use wire or leather wrap, add feathers, or do whatever you feel inclined to make the wand yours.

In the end what makes a wand strong is what you do with it to make it yours and how you connect with the methods you used to obtain or make it. The more connected you feel to it, the more effective a symbol it will be for you. If you feel a connection to living or green wood, then cut the wand fresh. If you connect more with the material through shaping it with your hands, then any wood will do. people have used long crystal points, glass tubes filled with crystal chips, silver wire, and ribbon, and even a chunk of wooden broom handle or copper pipe with a few colored crystals hot-glued along its length.

In the end you are building a symbol, and the more personal it is, the more effective it will be. Do what resonates with you on a personal level.
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