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Post # 1
can someone tell me? how to gain more spiritual insight?
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Re: Insight
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Insight
By: / Novice
Post # 3
what do you mean by spiritual insight? meditation and balancing chakras could help, you might also consider reading books on various paths and finding some way to combine the magickal and mundane so you live a more spiritual path. keeping a permanent altar you use daily can also help. and of course there are plenty of books, articles and videos on various spiritual subjects which might help you. are you looking for a specific path? if so which one?
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Re: Insight
Post # 4
Well, this is actually a bit of a challenging question to answer, because there are a great many ways to become more insightful. In the end, the common thread is that insight is a skill comes from experience, by practicing logical thought, and learning as much as you can about as broad a field of topics as you can find. Insight is a skill you learn as you come to understand the underlying ideas and principles of how things work.

Now if you are looking for ways to be more in tune or aware of spiritual things, I would start with practicing awareness of the self. Take some time each day (or as often as you have the opportunity, anyways) to sit and be still, and to start learning how to listen to your body. The myriad of signals it sends you are more significant than people commonly realize, and it has a language all its own. Start with simple, mundane things like observing places you feel tense in your body, and learning what sorts of emotions are tied to them. Everyone carries tension differently. For example, in some people anxiety translates to clenching the jaw, which can become headaches, neck pains, etc. others might carry the tension of anxiety at the shoulders, or lower back. Some clench their fists when angry. others tighten their stomach or hips. In the end, with some practice you can start to learn your body's language and grow more aware of when you are being affected by these emotions, the causes of these tensions and where they come from.

From there, you can expand that same awareness into your body's sensitivity into energy or intuition through the same idea. By exploring one thing at a time and observing how it affects you. It takes some time, but it helps to give you a more open mental awareness and dialogue with your body and senses. So eventually you may learn that you experience positive and/or negative energy is certain ways.

Basically, developing awareness comes from learning how to consciously pay attention to the world around you instead of simply reacting or running on a mental auto-pilot.
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