Magic and death?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Magic and death?

Magic and death?
Post # 1
What is the highest effect magic has upon the process of death?Can magic prevent,fight,overcome...death?
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Re: Magic and death?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
magick is a natural energy that cannot be created or destroyed. we can connect with it, charge it, direct it, it flows, changes and can bring a desired change.

if you mean magick in terms of spell casting, you can use it to help heal someone [reiki healings for example, or spells to cure a cold] but magick is limited by nature, so you can't bring someone back from the dead, and no spell will replace first aid, but it can help people heal and stay healthy. don't expect miracles though.
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Re: Magic and death?
Post # 3
Exactly. I would add that of course there are health benefits in what can be learned by practicing energy working, especially when it comes to being aware of your body's condition, and managing stress. These two things alone go a long ways in improving quality of life.

Magic can help in situations like helping the dead move on in cases of hauntings/unsettled entities, or of course banishment/pushing away outright malicious ones. It can also help one find a measure of comfort or acceptance in the natural process of life and death.

Magic helps us understand life and death by seeing it as one of many other natural cycles that help to define reality as we see it. Magic also helps in giving an assurance of some sort of bigger picture beyond that cycle, of which we are a part of. After all, if we are calling on higher beings, recognizing spirit and the forces of the elements and gods. If we are making a study out of magic and the astral and spiritual levels, then it is not much of a leap to also realize we are a part of all of that, and we can continue on as a spiritual entity ourselves.

While one shouldn't seek out death, personally I don't view death as something to be feared either.

I read a couple of books recently that you might actually like. They are some case studies of a regressive hypnosis therapist who specialized in 'between life regression'.

Journey of souls, and Destiny of souls. Both by Michael Newton.

I died as a mineral and became a plant,

I died as plant and rose to animal,

I died as animal and I was Man.

Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?

Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar

With angels blest; but even from angel hood

I must pass on.

**Moulana Jalaleddin Rumi
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