Healing Magic questions!

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Healing Magic questions!
Post # 1
Hey all! Thank you for taking the time to read, and possibly anwser these questions. I have multiple questions and I will do them in numerological order and I request that if you are answering only one question you tell me which number it is. Thanks! ^_^

1. I have always felt drawn to healing magic, and have always held on to my will and wish to help people. Is it a thing that someone can be drawn to a specific type of magic or is it all in my head?

2. Can anyone give insight into how many healing spells are "fluff" spells, and what to look out for when researching them so I don't waste time on them.

3. I understand that most healing magic if legitimate, works with nature so I assume it would take a long time still for the healing to occur. Is there such thing though as healing magic which works fairly fast? (Not like in movies or anime where wounds heal instantly, I just mean noticeably quick.)

Thank you!
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Re: Healing Magic questions!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
1. The answer to that is yes. People can be drawn to specific magick depending on what they need in their life. And what they want to give back. The magick you do depends on your personal path and almost everyone's path is different,

2. Generally the spell is a "fluff" spell if it gives you an unreasonable time that it says it will take to heal, also it helps to take a look at people's profile who posted it (if you're looking for spells on this site) to see if they're experienced or if they say fluff things like "I'm a vampire"

I'm not sure about your last question but I hope this helps. Blessed be )o(
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Re: Healing Magic questions!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Adding to what Freya.bloom said, and anwering your third question, healing a wound will probably never happen faster than what our bodies can go, there's a certain pace at which our cells regenerate, which varies from person to person, and we could hardly affect this with witchcraft.

What healing spells usually do is helping the necessary energy to favour the healing process, so you could also think of casting spells to assist the doctors in their arriving to a proper diagnose. As well as spells to help the ill person energetically to bare the pain or to endure the healing process.

I know we sometimes want our spells to work as fast as they may, but with healing we are forced to respect the pace of our bodies.

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Re: Healing Magic questions!
Post # 4
Following on what has already been said, I have found that direct workings of healing on a person who is ill or hurt would focus on promoting a removal of stress and tension. Doing so has many subtle but measurable benefits in a person.

Reduction of stress improves quality of sleep, makes it easier for the body to remove toxins, reduces strain on the lymphatic and adrenal systems, and over all helps to foster an internal environment that promotes the body healing itself.

At least that is the philosophy behind healing through energy working (like Reiki). If something like that falls in your interests, it is usually a good idea to find some sort of teacher at least to get you started. Just be careful there are a lot of self-promoted peddlers of weekend courses out there. Reiki certification is more than going somewhere, having a few people touch your head, then signing a check. proper instruction should include meditation techniques, energy channeling techniques, and techniques for cleansing your energy and environment.

It should also foster an attitude where you recognize that you are not healing the person. You are helping them heal themselves. it sounds like a trivial difference, but the attitude it fosters is very different. It means the difference between having people come to you and depend on you to fix them, versus taking the additional steps of teaching people how to also fix themselves in a wholistic* fashion. Exploring beneficial attitude, diet, activity, and other actions that person can take themselves to heal.

*Wholistic as in referring to a whole or whole body; taking into consideration the whole body or person.
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Re: Healing Magic questions!
By: / Novice
Post # 5

This ^^

What a great way of explaining it Spirit.

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Re: Healing Magic questions!
Post # 6
Thank you all for answering! I actually have people in my family that do Reiki, and that has been an interest in mine as well. All the info was of grade help!

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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Re: Healing Magic questions!
Post # 7
I don't know if this would count as healing magic but focusing your energy into your palm and holding it over an injury and invisioning that it's healing can cause it to heal a lot faster. I've done this in the past for a friend's second degree burn and it healed in 3 days.
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