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Post # 1
Hi everyone.I would like to ask a very simple question.What fuels your curse i mean is it the emotions like sadness,love,jealousy,anger or is it the amount of raw energy(power).I am asking this because half of my family stays clear of me so that i won't spit some curses against them.They have this notion that whatever comes from my mouth mostly the bad parts are going to be true in near future.And i get scared really scared because i dont mean these bad things to anyone.It hurts me i have put myself to blame many times and the foreboding of guilt washes over me.I do not rejoice in cursing it's just whenever i am angry it happens and i do not have a control over it.Is it solely my fault?
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Re: Curses
By: / Novice
Post # 2

For me, and I must state it will not be the same for everyone, when it comes to magic which effects the material world my emotional energy being strong seems to fuel a working much more. However, control of this energy is equally improtant, too much uncontrolled emotional energy can be messy not just for yourself, but for the goal of directing the energy itself. I believe control of the |Self, all parts of the Self which includes emotions, is a necessary first step on the path of magic. That is not to say you will never get angry, but rather the angry energy you feel can be directed or transmuted by your Will.

I would not say it is your fault, nor would I ascribe every bad thing which happens to your anger. However, what I do recommend is the next time you are angry or feel hate, reax and really feel the emotion, analyse it, observe what thoughts come to mind. And then either direct it into a magic oriented goal or utilise it to some creative outlet.

Another trick is to direct the energy into an object you associate with absorption or grounding and then bury that item with the intent of neutralising the energy through the element of Earth.

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Re: Curses
By: / Novice
Post # 3
are your family pagans as well or do they just go 'a witch?! i've seen movies, you'll turn me into a frog!'

our emotions can effect our spells, and it is wise to think before you speak, and say what you mean, simply by getting into an argument doesn't mean you'll curse someone. granted it can happen [see the evil eye] if you focus enough energy and are upset enough you can cast one someone. but curses are like any other spell, you need to focus the same energy, the difference is what you're focusing on. if you cast a love spell, you would think of how you feel around that person, and all the good things you want. when you curse someone you think of all the bad times and how angry you are.

overall i would do your best to be aware of how you feel and any good/bad thoughts that might pop up, but don't be afraid you'll curse someone because you're mad or said something mean. you need a bit more focus and energy behind it.
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