Apartment near graveyard?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Apartment near graveyard?

Apartment near graveyard?
Post # 1

I have to move out of my current place soon, so I am looking for new apartment. One of the apartments that I found that was at acceptably good location and is new (built in 2016) is close to graveyard. I can see it from window, there's only 2 or 3 houses between this apartment and graveyard. I thought I would ask what you think of is? Is it bad idea to buy it or not. If I would try to experiment with some spells and other magical stuff there... could in that case the closeness to graveyard cause massive visitations from ghosts/demons? Or is there no difference compared to other locations?

Anyone have any experiences?
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Re: Apartment near graveyard?
Post # 2
I wouldn't think so, I do believe your spells maybe more powerful though, I say go for it
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Re: Apartment near graveyard?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I used to live against graveyard in Italy for good 2 years. We never had issue with spirits at that point. I used to do banishing rituals now and then. However, since I started doing more magical working in my current house, I have had issues with them. Seems like they see some sort of light, when magician is casting their magic and that attracts their attention. This will attract many drifting spirits, not only the ones that are visiting their graves. My current house is not anywhere near graveyard, and I have had much more issues with spirits. You have to always keep your house protected, if you are casting any type of magic. Spirits are not bound to their graves, they visit them because their relatives visit them. They might as well decide to attach themselves to a person or a home and can follow them everywhere. Very old earth bound ones are prone to that because they no longer even have living relatives that visit their graves.Once they have taken great liking to you, they will follow you just about anywhere.
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Re: Apartment near graveyard?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

From what I've seen a lot of people are in my opinion unreasonably superstitious when it comes to living near graveyards which typically makes a property cheaper as few want to live there. The same thing goes with properties in which a murder(s) has occurred though this I somewhat understand better as my mind might drift to negative thoughts if I lived in such a place though if the price was right I might overcome this :). I don't think it will negatively impact your spell work or your safety, though you might be more careful if you cast spells or do anything that specifically relates to contacting spirits as it could be easier at that location not that you will literally be in a graveyard. if you are concerned you could cleanse the apartment of negative energy, cast a protection spell, and verse yourself in banishing in case a spirit does appear though this is not necessarily a reason for concern. As for demons well I don't think they hang aroudn graveyards much so I don't think your proximity will increase your chances of running into one. Some spells are reportedly stronger, such as ones to contact spirits, if cast in a graveyard so you might get a modest boost in capabiity though I'm not certain your location would garner such a result. I say go for it because as I said the rent/lease might be cheaper and i don't see any downsides to living near a graveyard. If anything some graveyards can be pretty in their own way.

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Re: Apartment near graveyard?
Post # 5
Thanks for info and encouragement!
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Re: Apartment near graveyard?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Let's hope that the neighbours are quiet.
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