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These Spells Work!
Post # 1
I tried to do a nightmare on one of the teachers at my school to see if it worked! One of my friends texted me when I was doing it! Two days later she said she had a nightmare, the next night was the same, I confessed what I was doing so we spent the afternoon with a group of friends trying to find a way to reverse it! We were able to stop it! The next day another friend and I tried a rain spell, the next day it rained, my mom said it came out of nowhere and it wasn't suppose to rain! The weather man says it suppose to last a few days! Is there a way to explain this than just it being a coincidence??
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Re: These Spells Work!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Sounds more like coincidence to me.

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Re: These Spells Work!
Post # 3
I dont know about nightmare but the rain spell works every time I cast. When I first cast rain spell it was in rainy season so to conform I cast it in winter then in summer it rains all the time. Also the storm spells works great for me. I bring 2 storms in my city and it was the second ever storm in my city. My city a bit storm resistant. I then choose myself as a weather
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Re: These Spells Work!
Post # 4
From what I understand, most witches believe that weather magic is very difficult, and that usually the only way you will successfully cast a weather spell is that either you have been a long-term and/or advanced practitioner, or you have a natural talent in weather magic. That being said, I haven't done a lot of research into weather magic, so maybe I don't known what I'm talking about!

Personally, I believe logic has a seat at the table of witchcraft. How often does that person have nightmares? How often does it rain in your area--and how often do people accuse weathermen of "lying" about the weather?

These questions are NOT meant to imply that there is no way that you successfully cast those spells, because I have no real clue if you did or you didn't, but I am 100% sure that you possibly did! And in fact it's probably more likely that you did, since both of the things you were going for came to. If you haven't already, I would suggest casting the rain spell again, on another day where it isn't supposed to rain. If any of your friends are up for being a lab rat, you could also see about giving them a nightmare (but for the sake of their mental health, probably don't do this more than once).

Finally, just a bit of advice: ALWAYS make sure that you have a way to undo a spell before you actually do it (if it's the type of spell that needs undoing). Taking this caution is an excellent step that will save you unnecessary heartache--or at least frustration. :)
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