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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Angrboda

Post # 1
Hello. Can anyone explain why Angrboda's rule in the ethics of Norse Paganism is Diversity ? Angrboda was a female Jotunn and the Mother of Fenrir,right? Then why is her rule Diversity ?

Thank you.

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Re: Angrboda
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Angrboda is very much so represented in Rokkatru, Rokkr cosmology to be associated with diversity- as she teaches us a multitude valued traits, both which can be emulated by the jotun and humans . Giving her notable titles such as: The Hag of the Ironwood, Hagia, and The Mother of Wolves.

From what we know of her in the various sagas, many factors made her a notable and unique figure of gender and culture. As she is described in literature and by some of her devotees to have a very muscular build, very tall, have hair that appears to be " the color of dried animal or human blood ", and often even wearing masculine articles of clothing. Being a divinity that stood out, she represents individualism , survival is strength .

Angrboda gave birth to Hela, Fenrir, and Iormungandr and eventually Fenfir's children Skoll and Hati. Her matrilineal line to her race, as well as her role as a fertile being associates her with a maternal figure . Along with representing maternity, Angrboda is a strong , able lover . Her marriage to Loki is one not to dismiss. As their marriage is more a suitable consort than anything. Due to his second marriage to Sigyn. Angrboda thus adapts to the polyamorous lifestyle willingly and without insecurity.

Angrboda was also a chieftess, warrior, seer, Lupine shape-shifter, and much, much more .

Her rule is not diversity. But it is her embodiment of various collective traits and essence itself that teaches us diversity.

**These sites dedicated to Angrboda/Rokkatru devotes and heathens could give you some further insight on her other influential aspects and lore:



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Re: Angrboda
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I wholeheartedly agree with the answer Nan gave, and think her summary of Angrboda's various embodiments and characteristics really reflect the reasoning for Northern Tradition Paganism to assign Angrboda the value of "Diversity".

Since you read their site to see the rules, the short tidbit that talks about Angrboda's "rule" being Diversity also mentions: "The Giant-Race comes in a myriad of forms, and all shapes, sizes, and natures are valued among them. Being close to Nature, they understand that diversity is survival and strength, while homogeneity is inevitable weakness".

Raven Kaldera, who has written alot of UPG about his interpretation of the Iron Wood (and Angrboda by proxy), often describes this as being a place where jotunfolk of diverse forms gather. Shapeshifting jotnar, whom take on many different animal characteristics and qualities, that can be described as having unsightly or abstract bodily forms. He wrote: "Jotnar of the Iron Wood are a strange-looking lot. Although all Jotunkind are skilled shapeshifters, the Iron Wood clans often spend so much time in animal or half-animal form ... Many are deformed, or hairy and pelted, or hermaphroditic in some way, or horned and hooved, or just strange-looking in some odd way. Keep in mind that in the Iron Wood, to be strange-looking physically is not a bad thing". As Angrboda is chieftan here, and known as the Hag of the Iron Wood, I think she embodies this aspect as well.

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Re: Angrboda
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well written you guys. This is a main Goddess I am devoted to. To me her muscular builds beautiful and strong,like the Ultimate Mother she is. A Mother that one should strive to be like and draw strength from her.... She demands hard work and I'm happy to give it to Her.... Her being soo confidential yet another trait that makes strong warriors of women...... Or so I feel....
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