Used a love spell

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Used a love spell
Post # 1
Hey I've never done this before. But tbh I've always had 'problems' with spiritual stuff and spent most of my life trying to block it all out so they (ghosts or whatever it is) can't affect me. Because even just last night I still get things falling over on their own. So I guess I could already be naturally good at this stuff. I'm good at blocking out all the evil spirits and crap that used to terrorise me growing up.

But ye I saw a post on facebook about some guy doing a love spell and i thought, 'ye why not' My ex gf broke up with me a few months ago so I googled love spells and tried this one

She messaged me on facebook before I had even finished the whole spell replying to one of my messages. It might have been coincidence but I usually message her and she hardly replies (we're still friends). Just wanted to share really and see what people think?
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Re: Used a love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

So you had already messaged her? And she responded to that message?

It may have been a coinicidence, it may have been your spell. You are pretty new to this, so I wouldn't expect great results all the time (good results come with study and practice; see The Basics; Expanded in the Spell Casting section under the General Info Tab, that will give you a good place to start, as will the other stickied threads there). One big part in doing magic is that you have to do the physical part too. Say you cast a "job" spell; if you aren't physically out looking for a job and putting yourself in opportunity's way, then your spell won't work, no matter how well it is cast. You had already done the physical part here because you tried to get in contact with her.

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Re: Used a love spell
Post # 3
ye i messaged her talking about this videogame and her response was she asking me if i wanted to join a tournament for the game with her.

Thanks I'll have a look at the stickies.
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Re: Used a love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It sounds like a good start.
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Re: Used a love spell
Post # 5
ooooooook I'm slightly worried because the plant pot I used for the fire has literally dissipeared when it should have been on my desk where I left it. And also I randomly found my wallet inside my clothes draw and I have no idea how that happened.

I hope I've not invited anything into my room by doing that stuff. But tbh it's nothing compared to what used to happen to me a couple years ago so as long as it doesn't get worse then w.e. lol.
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Re: Used a love spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
If you are worried or feel threatend, you can always cast a banishing spell and then a protection spell.

As for the spell it sounds like a coincidence to me, I used to message my friends and they'd see the message, but not respond for days, it could be she just finally responded. Most people are against love spells because it messes with the persons "Free Will" and that makes it the love not real. Have you tried talking to her? Explaining how you feel? If she doesn't feel the same then move on. However if the spell is working and it feels like real love to you then you should be happy :).
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