Pendulums how to use them

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Pendulums how to use them
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Pendulums.. Well everyone should know what they are. If not let me tell you how I define them. A weight or object hung from a chain or piece of sturdy string usually an object found around a home or bought in a jewelry store. A pendulum is a divination tool. And can be used to answer questions about anything if used properly and respectfully. Why respectfully? Because I spirit lives inside him or her and deserves our utmost respect.
A pendulum is not a toy and he or she must be taken seriously. No joke. When you have a pendulum it is crucial that you know how to treat him or her. Treat him or her like a person. Believe me he or she will respect you more for it.
Now how to learn the way your pendulum will answer your questions. Pendulums swing in different motions meaning different answers. Yes ,no,maybe,I'm don't know,rephrase the question,neutral or search mode,and I am unable to answer that question are the answers connected to each motion. Finding out what corresponds to what is the easy part. Ask your pendulum while holding him or her by his or her chain or string to show the motion for each one.
Some have back and forth for yes some have, side to side for yes, some have clockwisecircle for yes,some have counter clockwise for yes,some have diagonal right to left for yes,some have diagonal left to right for yes, and some have standing still for yes. It's different for everyone. The other answers work in much the same way it's different for everyone.
Now on that subject,pendulums have many items that can be used as an extention. By this I mean a pendulum board or chart. A pendulum board is like a ouiji bu instead of using a plachet you use the pendulum. Generally there is a spot which your pendulum will hover over and use as the base point to swing to each letter number or answer. So when you ask a question you get a more detailed answer. You actually get words not just yes or no.
That's all I have for now. if you have any questions please message me.
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