dreaming of my ex

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dreaming of my ex
Post # 1
hi everyone
on friday night I lit a come to me candle (I bought from a powerful witch in the bronx) for my ex gf to get in touch with me. weird thing is I am dreaming of her and have the urge to contact her. anyone know if this is backfiring or what?
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Re: dreaming of my ex
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
As one that does not dabble much in matters of the heart, I cannot say if it truly backfired or not. However, if you have strong feelings for her and you've been wanting her to contact you, it could be your subconscious' way of showing itself in your dreams.

A common belief is that our dreams are of things that concern us, that we truly desire etc. It's your subconscious' way of trying to work through and deal with the feelings, stresses, etc.
I'm going to guess that if you're trying to get her to contact you, you still have feelings for her, so it could very well be the case.
If she is willing to speak with you, I'd suggest perhaps just calling her or reaching out to her and trying to speak with her and smooth things over.
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Re: dreaming of my ex
Post # 3
If you are feeling the spell, it's an indication that she is feeling it as well. Just stand strong and keep it going.

You can also perform another spell, like a Red Apple or Sweetening spell.

In conjunction to the spell, put some footwork into it as well. Go by the 60 days no contact rule. If you think its too much, do 30 days, but 60 is the best. There is A LOT of information on Google to go about this.
Make her wonder.

After 60 days, if you want to contact, contact. There are guidelines set on how to communicate to get your ex back (even texting). The general rule, keep the conversation light and fun. Don't talk too long or too often.

In the meantime, go about your life, start hitting the gym. You're from NYC, go on speed dates, check this Facebook page out Alternative to the Bar Scene / Fun Stuff to do in NYC , there is a singles sunset walk. Keep it your interactions light. Look to perform an attraction spell.

Maybe after 60 days you probably will not want her back.
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