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Please help
Post # 1
I need help from someone who knows about the four horsemen an who knows about possession someone close to me told me I'd be able to find help on this site an mainly I've just gotten scams so please don't message me if your a scammer I need actual help. I have an ability that is very rear that all my abilitys went away to feed this one ability an it's getting stronger an I've been keeping it under control but there are many creatures that want to use it for evil I'm going to give this website one more chance to see if someone can really help me. So please if anyone can help please message me
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Re: Please help
Post # 2
A protection spell works better if you do it your self
And it comes from the heart
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Re: Please help
Post # 3
Well I made something to keep me protected an that's why I'm in trouble
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Re: Please help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Please help
Post # 5
Hey Gypsy

New to the group here but my moms maiden name is Cavallo

Happy horses/horsemen (as told by family). I was raised "biblical" and although kicked out of class by every nun I tangled with at age 9, I probably know the bible better than Reverend Roy (movie, The Client!). That said, I also have had the 4 horses in mind for some spell now...The Pale horse, to be exact.

I can only share what I mirror you in/with here and for me it was all about dying that midlife "eagle rebirth" Beak, claw, feathers...all worn out and not viable any longer. That leaves just 2 options...die (go back into the box)(to play a new game...or...pluck out your eye's, rip out your claws and shed your old fur, to become the new you!

FWIW, I too went through a huge brain and soul burst and inasmuch as I've always had gifts, I was also told by the world (Skools, Crutches...churches, even some family (as they practice their own gifts (ever notice that?) So, I know I'm in K-grade on all skills let alone the new one' Mirror writing (I write both hands and forward/backward...I have always heard and follow my "voices" Not just one...Many! All good, all knowing! I can not do harm unless it's a needed for others thingy!

As I write this...from my mom's house, crammed into a 8'X 11' spare bedroom...self exiled as I sell my house and was ending a 20 year marriage healthy, the soon to be Ex, flipped on me...after my whole family "forced" me to go to the ER...11 days ago, 8 hour adventure where I walked out on them a dozen 2 cops, 4 security, 6 admin's the two top doctors...I wish I had video...I had to jump threw a car window (I rolled down, to shut off the engine of my sisters car after a friend went to move it from ER parking and hit the engine start and then "panic" button...why?

YAHOO! You ALWAYS have other options!!!

Sorry to get long but, such is life, right?

For me, I'd chosen to wither away and I dropped down to 118 pounds (the ER didn't even weigh me, after I asked to be!!!) Why do I tell you all this? I had to kill off the old Jim...not kill, just mostly dead, which is, still alive!

I eat like a pregnent lady and have gained almost a pound a day and up above 131 pounds now (nothing about food and all about my family nurturing me...or lack there of...SO I FORCED THEIR HANDS...Brother bear stays and plays a 2nd 1/2 game here and in and with support or...Brother bear goes off like smoke from his pondering pipe to go ride in the wind elsewhere...not of this world, here to change it! My goal/wish/life task...My dad was a bad dad and I made that bad go away, broke the family chain on may issues!

You stayed...I gave up all you had for this, or to that effect, right? It's pretty intense, being asked to fully let be carried by the 4 horsemen to the north, the west, the east and the south (not NEWS)(the world distorts everything!

I'll end that...IF we do mirror/mirrir here/hear, you'll find a peace like never before, if you trust your wish...I assure you of that, my dear!

IMO, "the hour glass flipped" We live in or will be soon be living in a new 5D world. Also, I advise all to go back to start, make peace with those who call for smoking the peace pipe..."we've all wronged" and as for least 30 days for horseman bringing me people and stories like this...I get 5 or 6 a day now (talking family and real life people).

I can only trust my knowing and hope my words and recent good and tough issues offer a hand up that you are not body leaves the house of Blues...without, singing the blues, lol. Beats chewing on your own neck or others though...hands down!

Much love and light to you...
I mirror your 4 horses...
I raise you, a horse drawn funeral, "celebration"
IMHO...if you can feel this vibration, you be golden here hold faith to your knowing, you hear uncle Jim!
I'm big bad uncle Jim to all my local Halloween kids...14 years, the biggest baddest Haunt master of my free 1/4 acre yard haunt...this excile...

I throw you my Keys...inside my garage is everything anyone could ever need to fix anything...I'm a handy guy, people say! Just ask for the house with no roof on it! Many, many people coming to my much so...I had to move to mom's, lmao!

FWIW, if you believe, like me...I just came here too...I have world record setting tools and equipment and I weave Majik and as I hear/here you feeling...without breath...without flesh...without all those old ways (YOU RELEASED, right? lol) sink to the bottom of the pool of life...think about a new life of "havingness" and then jump from pool like that new seal...

Ever hear that Humpback whales save seals from Killer whales? I'm a wonder runt humpback and even at 131 pounds I carry huge weight's...I float on the backs of my big if things get too just ponder, YAHOO and what would that damned...Jim guy, do/due about any and all Doodoo...

Garden for some...trash pile for other.

Not all makes sense to all and I got much from the share in this and so I wish you also find your "knowing!
Gods speed to you and your need of better understanding!
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Re: Please help
Post # 6
as just some reading, I pulled up a random page to spell count from...
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Re: Please help
Post # 7
Sry to be off-topic, what did majik just say..?
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