some help with dreams

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some help with dreams
Post # 1
He crosses into thresholds of new lands.. Dark, demonic lands.. The smell of rot and decaying flesh spills into his nostrils. His soul carries such a burden that he feels his spirit is on fire. He carries on.? A fortress of rough brimstone and ash lay before him.. Gaint walls stand centry over mournful cries with in. He carries on.. Entering in through gates of human remains, he see the brimstone walkway is covered in silt and flesh.. His already burdened soul weighs heavier. Upon arriving in the great hall, where man, woman and child alike, hang in cages bearly big enoughto cradle thier starved bodies. Before on a table only fit for such a place sat a feast of foods foriegn to any earthly land... Food only eaten by devils..? As he scanned the kingly dead feast that lay before him he caught gaze upon his host.? A creature such as one he has never seen.. Such an impeccable beauty, none have ever witnessed. Its brilliance brighter than the sun.? Who is this?? What is this?? Then i wake.
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Re: some help with dreams
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hmm, I'm not good with dreams, but it sounds like an Underworld to me, it's not Hell, the person you are describing can you see his face? Color of his hair? Eyes? Or is it you? The creature you see, it could be anything from Lilith, to a goddess, describe what the creature looks like?

Like I said, I'm not good with dreams, so I can't fully say what it means.
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Re: some help with dreams
Post # 3
No i cant describe said being... Its whole body is brighter than the sun
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Re: some help with dreams
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well the being could be an angel or a heavenly being, the place you described could be the underworld or hell and someone from the past is attacking the being or seems threatening to the being. It could also be a demon or a succubis, it's hard to say.

That's my opinion
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