Hello everyone.

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Hello everyone.
Post # 1
Hi everyone !

I'm a 19 year old law student.

I never believed in Magic, but now it would seem that I have no choice. I started meditating last February with the unique aim of relieving stress before exams. It kind of... degenerated, from my point of view.
One day, in May, I had the sensation of a hole being opened on the top of my head, and something going into it. It was the beginning of sensing energy.

I will just fast forward the evolution that took place last summer and is still taking place.

As I didn't and still don't know anything about energy and Magic, I must've done something stupid cause now there is negative energy flowing from my left palm through my left arm into my heart. It's been the case for 3 months now.
I sometimes sense a presence, however quite rarely, on the left and behind me.

I am coming to this forum hoping to find some answers on what's happening. I think it is time my uninvited guest stops living at my appartment without paying the rent or doing the dishes. I will appreciate every advice you can give me on how to get rid of him.

Also, Magic seems very interesting and I would love to learn more, yet I don't know from where to start. Healing magic is what interests me the most for now, but I am open to everything since I don't know anything. I will read every book or site you would recommend for beginners.

Hoping to hear from you all,

Peace !
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Re: Hello everyone.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Are you certain it is negative energy?

One thought which comes to mind is the Qabalistic Tree of Life with its many paths and symbolisms. On opposite sides of the middle pillar are two more pillars: the Pillar of Mercy anf the Pillar of Severity. Severity is not necessarily meant to be negative or bad. Its symbolism may be something to consider.
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Re: Hello everyone.
Post # 3
I'm sure it's negative energy, and I know it's weak. But I would still appreciate for it to go away.

I'm sure it's negative energy because two weeks ago I made a girl angry towards me, and I felt this exact same energy coming from my left hand to my heart, but ten times stronger. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, there really was a heavy weight on my heart due to this energy. So I quickly apologized and made her calm again, and everything stopped.

Therefore, since her anger energy felt exactly the same in my arm and heart than the energy I normally feel, the energy I normally feel is negative energy. Maybe anger.
And also, since an angry girl was much more powerful than my uninvited guest, I guess my guest is weak. Or maybe I underestimate women's wrath hehe
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