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Binding Spell Help
Post # 1
I need a good binding spell or some sort of spell to influence someone. I have a friend who has really bad exes and she stays friends with them ( it's okay to be friends with your exes! ofc but just not in this case )

her exes were really bad, one was verbally abusive and they always fight, he makes her feel like she has no friends but him, her other ex spread rumors about her and the other was a cheater, I know , great choices right?

As much as I'd like someone to do the spells for me since I don't feel very experienced enough, I think I should do them myself since I have a more deeply rooted relationship with her

( and yes I have tried talking to her about unfollowing them and ignoring them but she feels like she'll be alone if she doesn't keep up a friendship with them, she has serious issues about feeling friendless ) I want her to realize she has good people in her life, ACTUAL GOOD PEOPLE who love her and want her happy and she needs to let her exes go

so if someone could give me a good binding spell to keep them away from her permanently or something that would convince her to let them go I'd be forever thankful )
Please and thank you!!~~
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Re: Binding Spell Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
These are choice that she is allowed to make. You may not like them, but they are her choices. Be supportive, help her make new acquaintances, suggest therapy, and be patient. It is her life to lead, not yours.
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Re: Binding Spell Help
Post # 3
Acquire a taglock, fetish link, or something of the sorts. Even a signature, or a pen they used, or their name alone will work a lot of the time, and use that to make a poppet. Most are made out of paper,t he best are made out of cloth. Clay, or the likes is also a good option.

Upon making it, and doing whatever physical things you can do to bridge the connections get a red string. Red, being the color of passions, unhinged, as well as bindings, to impose.

The next bit of the process would be to engage a trance within yourself, through whatever means you do this, and visualize the person as the poppet. Make the connection between the two, as strongly as you can.

Take the poppet, and then wrap it in the red string. Declare,"you are bound", after each wrapping. Wrap nine or thirteen times. As you do this, in your magickal imagination, see the individual being wrapped by a red chain, actually directly binding him.

With your breath, solidify it and dispose of the poppet, either by burying it at a crossroad, or near their house, or just putting it away.

Then, forget the spell ever happened, but have a record of it. Just keep it out of your mind.

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Re: Binding Spell Help
Post # 4
I was going to suggest a poppet method, but then Zelotar kinda stole my thunder. But it's definatley something you should try looking into if you really think this situation can be solved with magic. I, personally, would put in verbal commands for the poppets, such as, stay away from these guys, or, leave my friend alone (be a little more specific though...) and then bind it. Also, I usually drip melted wax from a candle on the thread to hold it in place, kinda like a seal and once again give it verbal input to make it tamper proof. Good Luck hope this helps even a little. And don't worry about your experience level, I'm sure it'll work out fine this isn't THAT difficult of a ritual. Then again, I haven't had many good experiences with poppets in the past so maybe don't listen to me.... heheheh....
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