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Fantasy Magick
Post # 1
It saddens me every time someone has to ask about changing into something you are not. Do not I repeat do not practice fantasy spells or drink "potions" that change you into something i.e. fairy. Most likely it will do more harm.

Think, you are a human. All humans have the ability to wield magick. Yet, most don't because over half of the world is ignorant or skeptical to this art. You are here because you were either curious or wanted to further expand your knowledge. And by believing into something so... so impossible is stopping any knowledge that is true.

I want someone to pin this because questioning weather fantasy spells work or not is just dumb.

Thanks to everyone that answers with facts.

It's okay to dream, to image being an animal or creature, but we must all eventually realize that they are only dreams.

Key word; fantasy.

I'm sorry if I crushed your hopes and dreams but its time for a wake up call.

But in case you must be forgiven, there's the art of sculpting your own spirit, and because they are purely of magick they could be "shaped" into something fake. And because we don't really know what a demon or angle looks like, heck, they could appear or chose the form of a fantasy creature. But that's only a thought.
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Re: Fantasy Magick
Post # 2

Thank you!!

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Re: Fantasy Magick
Post # 3
All is energy

The one thing even the so called experts over look
The multivers is 100% energy
Every thing we see
Every thing we feel
Our very thoughts

All we think we see and know
Nothing but energy
Cant get around it

Learn to work with the energy
And you just never know
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Re: Fantasy Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Transformation to my understanding is possible in the astral and dream world. But it is for sure not possible in the physical world. Claiming that it is would be considered, "role play" as it is claiming a falsehood.

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Re: Fantasy Magick
Post # 5
I honestly have a hard time understanding why the Fantasy and Trick spells section are there in the first place. Why it cannot simply be eliminated, make it harder to join the Council position in the Spell Caster coven, and moderating the spells.

It brings far more bad things to this website, than good. Aside from the fact that this website is the first thing that pops up when someone googles "magic spells"(which is likely how the majority of young people begin to practice magic in the first place), it's the one that attracts the most people.

So with most people in this world having visited this website at least once in your life, what message do you project to the world?

Not only does his immediately puts impossible or fantastic views into the minds of people barely beginning in magic, which have to be banished later on, something that is often very hard to do once they have been drilled into the mind significantly enough because it only enhanced previous skewed notions of magic and how it works, but it also puts off advanced practitioners.

I've been to this website before, and when I actually got good at what I do, and found how invalid some of the spells were(and at that point, my entire notion of "spells" was tweaked), I could not take this website seriously at all. And speaking with others, they had similar opinions.

Overall, I do not think it is worthwhile to keep the Hollywood magic on the website, especially because the website speaks louder than the forum.

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Re: Fantasy Magick
Post # 6
Then how will people ever learn
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Re: Fantasy Magick
Post # 7
What do you mean?
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