Starting magick:The Guide

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Starting magick:The Guide
Post # 1

Hello,All. Well,I have been teaching students here for 2 years and whenever someone messages me "What is magick" and such, I give them this:

1. What is Magick?
Ans. Magick is the direction of one's inner energy to a specific subject in order to achieve a possible desire.
In other words, you give out your body energy to a Subject.
  • The Subject can be the universe.
  • You can also include a divine subject,like a deity, God or Goddess.
2. Why to do magick?
Ans. To achieve a specific desire. The desire can be : Protection,love,curse etc.

3. How many types of magick are there?

Ans. There are 2 types of Magick:
* Inner Magick: The energy offered to the universe in order to achieve a desire.
* Outer Magick: The energy offered to a Divine subject in order to achieve a desire.
1. How many paths are there?
Ans. All the paths can be classified into 2 categories:
* Light ( White Magick) : Harmless Magick. They can be : Prayer to a Divine subject, healing,luck, or can be doing something good for others.
* Dark ( Black Magick) : Used to harm any ubject. To be noted , the subject cannot be a divine subject. Ex- God,Goddess,Deity,Angels etc.
1. What are spells?
Ans. Spells are simply the 'tools' in magick. They are used to direct energy to the Subject mentioned. Again,spells can be Dark or Light.
* Light: You Can cast a healing spell for other(s).
* Dark : You can cast a curse spell for other(s)
1. Yay! I am Ready. Now,How to start?
Ans. You should start magick by the basics(links on my profile). But I should add,different paths have different basics. keep practicing the basics daily.Also,research is a best way to start.Start gaining knowledge! Working in some paths and features on magick can give you a good idea. you can research in this site:through,forums,articles,chatter and more!just keep on researching.You can download online PDFs and some books by some notable sites. Or you can simply borrow a book from your local library. Also, a good look at the general info threads in this site can be helpful. If you can't afford to buy a book you can download free e-books from Google.
1. Whoa,What are basics ?
Ans. The Basics help you cast a spell better,by helping you direct your energy. The basics Include:
* Knowledge : About your practices. It is a vital pillar in magick. It is power. Without it,magick is nothing.
* Meditation: Clearing up your mind to focus.
* Visualization: Imaging your energy ( being directed ).
* Grounding : Extracting energy from a source ( Ex- Mother Earth, Father Sun)
* Circling : Helps get rid of negative energy.
Links :
Now,is my information accurate. Please feel free to correct them!
Thank you!
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Re: Starting magick:The Guide
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
1. What is Magick?
Magic is the use of energy in accordance with will/intent to bring about a desired effect.

2. Why to do magick?
Why not use magic? It can give your physical world efforts a boost.

3. How many types of magick are there?
There are hundreds of types of magic. To limit it to two categories, which are seen by many practitioners to have more to do with morals and little to do with magic, is to over simplify what there is out there.

1. How many paths are there?
Again, there are hundreds of paths out there. The two you list are less paths and more moral attitudes toward magic. Paths can include:
and many more.

1. What are spells?
Spells are a form of magic. They are a way to accomplish a goal, to help aid you in an activity. Spells are a tool, yes. One does not simply do the spell and walk away, not to do anything else to reach the goal. Spells require you to work in the mundane while they work in the ethers to bring about the result you desire.

1. Yay! I am Ready. Now,How to start?
Lear what magic is, how it works, what it can do, and what it cannot do. Learn some skills, often referred to as basics to help you in the use of magic.

1. Whoa,What are basics ?
The basics are skills that can help you to work magic better. They are not universal and many practitioners debate on what they are and how useful they are.
Educating yourself on many things within the broad topic of magic will help you to understand it.
Visualization, used to help direct your energy to a specific goal. If you can't see the goal coming true and you participating in that future, your spell will fall flat.
Meditation useful in helping to over come that part of your mind that prattles on all day and makes a mess of your concentration. Meditation is more than clearing your mind of all thought, it is a process you can use to begin to control your own mind so that it will focus on what you need it to do.
Energy work, magic requires the use of energy to work. You will need to learn to sense energy, to work with the energy, to draw it in, to let it out and to project your will/intent upon it.
Grounding, useful for when you are overfull of energy and buzzing around unable to focus. Use grounding techniques to return the excess to the earth. Grounding can also be used to flush out negative or unproductive energy you have acquired.
Centering, the ability to pull in energy from the earth on those days when you are feeling drained. It is also good to use to pull in clean energy when you have finished grounding out the negative energy.
Patience. A must, magic is not a quick thing to learn. Many spend their life learning what they can about the practice. Take your time.
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Re: Starting magick:The Guide
Post # 3
I agree with nord more.
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Re: Starting magick:The Guide
Post # 4
a good start but here is a little thought to help clear things up. your reference to black magic- i don't believe there is such a thing as coloure magic but there is much debate on it. but i think we just use it as a label to help distinguish the left hand path.
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