need an effective love sp

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need an effective love sp
Post # 1
Me and my ex broke up last November and I need him back... It's been almost a year and I still cry for him.
We haven't spoke since February and I tried texting him last night but he didn't reply. Please help me....
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Re: need an effective love sp
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
He has apparently made his choice, therefore there is no help to be given. You cannot make him do something he is not inclined to do.
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Re: need an effective love sp
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: need an effective love sp
Post # 4
Personal opinion: You probably shouldn't manipulate someone's free will. Especially if you dont know the basics of what you're doing.
Secondly. Break ups are hard. Very hard if you got physically and emotionally entangled with who you were dating. But it isn't healthy to continue to cry over the same person for a year after clear rejection. I understand that recovery time after emotional turmoil is a different time span for everyone, but you should focus on yoursslf and on recovering, rather than getting him to love you again. After you recover yourself, THEN may be an appropriate time to ask again.
The reason its better to work through your emotions and then ask? Is because there's always a chance hes going to reject that, and you should respect another person's choices. But if you have recovered before asking, it means if or when he does, you will be able to take no for an answer and carry on being a healthier person.
Having a few good healthy tears over it is acceptable grief. Do not stop yourself until you feel done. When you are done crying each time, pick yourself up, wash off your face, take a deep breath or two, and then stare at yourself in a bathroom mirror. Focus on yourself and how good of a person YOU are. This has also been known to improve self-esteem issues, and, if you really want, can be turned into a sort of spell or meditation if you feel lime you want to add some candles, incense, crystals, things from nature, that reflect you.
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Re: need an effective love sp
Post # 5
With all due respect to the OP, the poster was asking for an effective love spell,tool to get the job done and fix a problem; not advice on the morality of her actions.

Morality is subjective, sometimes dependent on the patterns one is swimming it(example, religious laws) but most often comes down to personal perspective. Free will is a malleable thing. Every moment of every day, it is challenged and changed. We are constantly influenced, persuaded, manipulated. By other's energies, body language, tone, behavior, words. By ads and billboards; and by our own hormones; by elements of the culture we are living in, the circumstances we were raised in, or rituals and traditions on a mundane and magical level. The idea of truly free will is questionable to say the least and to refrain from mind altering magic is daft when one considers how much we manipulate others on a subconscious level every day, or are being manipulated every day.

And while love magic is not my forte nor something I have much luck in, using magic for "mind control" certainly is, and results I've gsd were more spectacular than merely getting individuals to do something they would do anyway. 20-year-long smokers who had no guilt or issues with their smoking dropping the habit, teachers cancelling tests, people being driven mad, etc. His decision may not necessarily be set in stone and inclinations are questionable.

She has had 11 months to consider this decision, so I assume she is not considering casting a love spell lightly, and I presume she is fairly sick of simply being told to get over him. That said, I agree with Goldendusk's advice, in needing to refine yourself and acquire more self love, as attachment is usually a messy thing to get entangled with and seriously harms the magical process.

When you've stabilized yourself emotionally and you two are on equal footing (as in, your entire life does not depend on whether he says yes or no, but you're just two mature adults with a history that you may seek to rekindle), then you may tackle the object magically and physically and see where it takes you.
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