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Old account, new me
Post # 1
Hello and good will to all! I've had this account for about 4 years now I think. I had I've previous to that for about six months and I thunk my name was MystikaDream on that one. I have been away for the better part of 3 years except for occasional and brief visits. I had to start over after a terrible 16 year relationship. One thing I really miss and they is that I have lost my way spiritually and have neglected my practice in magick and the occult. I am no longer in touch with my deity Isis and have not felt grounded for much to long. In addition, I stopped doing Yoga and meditating, two things I did almost daily. It was the only things I had during an abusive relationship that kept me going aside from my Kids and a job I loved. Being treated like shit, abused mentally verbally and emotionally, disrespected is One thing but living with a narcissist that I finally concluded was a soulless being was another.(he was near death as a toddler after a beating from his babysitter, he thinks he left something behind on the other side, I think he brought something back like a negative entity attachment?) No matter how strong I built myself up on the inside, He would tear me down, especially when I felt very powerful mentally. But that's a whole other story and I can go on and on. So now, though I struggle, I'm finally able to be myself and live my life. I thank you for reading this far.
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Re: Old account, new me
Post # 2
nice to meet you and im happy for you as you have got away hopefully it wont take you long to get back in touch with it all i cant say much as im new take care
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