Skadi or Jormundgand?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Skadi or Jormundgand?

Skadi or Jormundgand?
Post # 1
Hello. Lobbie here. If you had to choose between Skadi and Jormundgand as your patron deity,Who would you choose and why? Thank you.
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Re: Skadi or Jormundgand?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

In my case, I found my way to my "chief deity" through encouragement from other Vaettir and then overwhelming response from Him. Jormungandr isn't actually described much (as in, there are literally only three literary references that mention the Midgard Serpent). Working with Jormungandr for me is almost entirely about personal experience that are my own as well as those I share with others. I have not yet worked with Skadi, though I find it might be interesting to work with Her.

I must ask though, why the contrast and comparison (especially this specific pair)? Neither of these Vaettir ever interact with each other in the lore and I really just don't get comparing deities in the first place.

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Re: Skadi or Jormundgand?
Post # 3
Not all gods are equal in power levels. Though since Jormundgand isn't a god per say, I guess it's more accurate to say not all spirits are equal in power levels.

But I do believe that you can work with both, or even have a full pathworking with one, and then move on to the other and that it's not an either/or deal, and I also agree that you should tell us why exactly these two so that we can see how to act.

However, spirits, and humans, often have magnetic relationships, in that one is specifically attracted to the other. Oftentimes, people have had guardian spirits for their whole lives, but never even heard the spirit existed, or were never too curious about them.

Happened to me with Baron Samedi and Damballa when I was way too scared to even dabble in Vodou, much less work with a Loa directly. Happened to a friend of mine with Santa Muerte, to name just a couple. At which point the spirit finds some way to come into your life.

Other times, you're so attracted to them, and other times, you're more interested in them than they are in you, though upon contacting them have one of the best business relationships.

It can be freaky at times, so do bear in mind, that it's not an exclusive deal, though why do you want to work with Skadi or Jormundgand?
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Re: Skadi or Jormundgand?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I've worked with Skadi some, though not a great deal. I've never had any experience with Jormungandr. I wouldn't consider either to be a patron deity for me - and don't really understand the comparison between the two, just Stabby had questioned. Are you just wanting people's opinions on these two vaettir?

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Re: Skadi or Jormundgand?
By: / Novice
Post # 5

To say that any of the Vaettir are or aren't deities is to misunderstand how "deities" worked in Norse lore. The Asafolk and Vanafolk were simply tribes of people, not deities in and of themselves. Even Loki was considered an As, even though he was of Jotun lineage (as literally all of the Aesir and Asynjur were, save for Buri). There is debate as to whether or not there was traditional worship of Loki, though he is still considered a deity by most modern Heathens, even among Asatruar (if their Chief deity accepted Loki as one of His own, who they are to disown Him?).

A further point is that the word Vaettr refers to any entity with a consciousness - "Gods", Landvaettir, humans, Dvergar... are all Vaettir. Is there a "power" difference? Of course. It is commonly recognized that the Alfar were honored, though not on the same level as the Aesir and Asynjur were, though they still held "power" and importance to the people to the level of surviving the mass conversion to Christianity when those who were worshipped didn't. If you want to talk power here, it is truly a matter of perspective.

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Re: Skadi or Jormundgand?
Post # 6
Well, would choose Skadi. Even though I am Buddhist, I also follow the Tibetan Bon religion and worship the mountain spirits and gods/goddesses Dorje Yudronma, Tashi Tseringma, and Nyenchen Thanglha. Since Skadi is a goddess of snow, I would find her very similar to worshiping the mountain goddesses Dorje Yudronma and Tashi Tseringma.
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