Energy manipulation

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Energy manipulation
Post # 1
I was wondering if anyone out there is adept at energy manipulation (energy being chi, ki, psi, aura, whatever you call it, I call it energy because that's what's most natural for me) who was willing to give lessons.
I can currently detect my own energy flow and aura
I can manipulate my own energy and aura within my body
I can use my energy to create energy constructs (like "psi balls" and the like
I can program those constructs to perform certain tasks, such as transfer energy or an certain emotion or thought to a target
I can /almost/ "solidify" it into something that can be used with greater impact on the physical world
I have successfully used healing, however it's incredibly draining and something that I still need to work on
I'm relatively out of practice, but I'm picking it back up and I'm not completely rusty.
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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 2
A good place to start, IMO, then would be Omnimancy.

That's the public consumption article and while I think you know those things already, revamping your methods with their tips(like using external energy sources) may help.

They are a closed order, and joining them is a bit harder than signing up for a forum, but another free good place to learn more about energy are Uncle Chuckie's books; all available here.

Finally, I know spirits who can teach you this, if you can hear or otherwise perceive them, that I can point you to. Should you need me, I will be here. Just send me a PM. I won't lay out entire methods, as I certainly don't havetime to write long PM answers(if I did I would be writing those as articles for public consumption on the forum right here), but I can answer questions and offer advice.
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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 3
Sweet, I looked at the Omnimancy site and that was exactly what I was looking for. (and surprisingly, some of my methods match theirs almost exactly) I'm definitely going to give an attempt to join them.
Thanks for the info :)
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