Tea Leaf Reading

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Tea Leaf Reading
Post # 1
I am so interested in fortune telling, astral projection and other psychic and spiritual topics. I am a big big lover of Tea, but for me its hard to get tea leaves. I'm wondering if I could use the items from inside a tea bag? And does it matter what kind of tea? I have many herbal teas and just normal black tea. I am really interested in it. Also, how do I interpret the images I get? Any help us appreciated, thank you and blessed be ~
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Re: Tea Leaf Reading
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You could totally rip open a tea bag, but i still suggest using a tea ball if you do. The kind of tea realy doesnt matter

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Re: Tea Leaf Reading
Post # 3
Thanks for the reply! I think ill try it soon :)
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Re: Tea Leaf Reading
Post # 4
Hi, to answer one of your question's ...
To interpenetrate the tea leaf to do the reading, there is to thing's that i can provide information to you for. The first is there are plenty great books that can help you with what works best with tea leaves. Especially since you can't or are having a hard time getting your hand's on the type of herbal tea for tea leaf reading. If you don't have the money, you can also go to your local library for books.
Another thing with interpretation of tea leaf reading, is just simply symbalisum. The point of reading it is to look for images in what is left. So if you can try and find some images and refer to symbalisum then, there is a good first step.

- I really hoped that i helped, and it's best to trust yourself and yes there are some "rules" when it comes to reading's in general. HOWEVER, everyone has there own style and it's about you as a person being able to open up and connect so you can intemperate you and other's future ..
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