Problems with Co-worker

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Problems with Co-worker
Post # 1


I have been working at my job for over a year. And recently they hired a person who's MO or motive is to make others look bad or incompetant in order to boost himself. At first he paid me no attention, however recently he has been causing a lot of trouble for me and to make matter worse, my new boss of three weeks worked with this other employee at their last company. He has been discrediting my work and reputation with the gossip group at work and with my boss.

I can cast a protection spell, however he has gone so far in his disrepect for others, I feel that a more powerful spell is warrented. Can someone give me a suggestion on the type of spell I am looking for? 1. To stop this disrepectful behavior toward me and others? 2. To get him to be seen to the company for what he is?

I have already tried talking to him and his reply is that is just business nothing personnel, but really the attacks are personal and he knows it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I mostly partice Black Magic and have bound myself to not use white magic for a three year period, so white magic is out for a while.

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Re: Problems with Co-worker
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Why you bound yourself to avoid white magick and only black magick is beyond and none of my concern, but protection spells do seem to be more in the "white magick" sorta catagory if I'm not mistaken. You can however try casting to make him realise his own flaw if possible (just in theory.)
I would also mention trying to get through to your boss about the matter before resorting to magick.
Best of Wishes,
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Re: Problems with Co-worker
Post # 3
I don't know if your path, but if you're amenable to using hoodoo, there are several suggestions I would make.

To stop harmful gossip and lies, quite often people use a freezer spell, which you can quite readily find by googling it; I'd probably use the version with the tongue and alum for this instance.

You could also combine this with either a honey jar to sweeten your new boss to you so he starts to treat you more favorably, or try a break-up bottle spell on the boss and your coworker to cause them to fight and their relationship to be damaged.

Finally, you might consider some sort of working to increase the clarity and understanding of the rest of the folk in the workplace, so that they see the situation for what it is.
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Re: Problems with Co-worker
Post # 4

Thank you for the advise. I agree, talking it through is probably the best option.

What is interesting is that recently, I cast an invisiblity spell and it seems to have done the trick. He has not noticed me, binding myself to black magic did not turn out so bad. But it is only for a certain time period. In black magic to cast a protection spell you have to endure, shadows coming in to scratch at you and circle you, eventually they circle your entire body, hence protect you.

I have seen white magic protections spells as well, they both work the same, but I agree and do believe white magic protection spells are stronger.

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