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Post # 1
My name is Paula I am 24 yes old and have been with my fianc? for 8 yes and we have 4 children together. My whole life I've felt different than other people not just because I'm red headed ha ha... I've always love and have had interests in witches, magic, all mystical things, and my absolute favorite holiday is Halloween, favorite season is fall, I've always loved the beauty of the moon (I've recently a few yes ago watched the eclipse and have amazing pictures), I love candles with all the warm feelings of a candle lit room, I've recently introduced myself to meditation and yoga along with exercises. Vampires even... But, I'm reaching a point in my life where I feel like I've felt before like I don't know something about myself. I've actually have done things that I would never think I would've done and ive pushed aside the "non believing" side of witch craft and I feel like I've found my calling in life in a way. But I don't know if it's in my blood or what but here it goes... It starts when I found out my mom was adopted it wasn't a big secret but... Anyways I know next to nothing about one side of my blood line. My dads side I know I'm German, Irish, Indian (don't know percentage), and Dutch. I'm trying to start my journey on witch craft because like I said before I've had almost a uncomfortable draw to witch craft and magical stuff. Now it's no secret to my husband and his mom and they think even something such as witch craft can be possible. With all the stuff done in the past etc. So they don't care that Im interested in doing it. Oh yea I've got some odd birthmark that all my family has on both sides. Even my grandmother that isn't a blood relative has it and it's a medium sized mole in the middle of our lower back. I know that sounds maybe weird but well it is strange and I know witches usually have some kind of mark on their bodies. Not to mention nobody has red hair in my family. I got it from my dads beard but no one else has any red that I know and have met personally in my family. I feel very strongly on these weird parts in my life so I'm serious but I do have to push doubt out of my mind because I see no change when I'm trying to cast a spell. I try to be patient and believe in myself. Sometimes I feel that I'm crazy other times I feel so strong about it I can taste it. I think I just need some reassurance that many e I'm not wrong about myself and all the self looking into my life what is that piece I'm missing from my past to help me see what my destiny is and I dont want to feel silly about it? I don't know but... Thank you for reading for those that choose and thank you for your answers also. I'm very excited about my path ive chosen and am looking forward to learning
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Re: Hello
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spells of Magic, okay, I would like to bring to your attention so that you are not confused in the future, vampires are not real, educating yourself in vampiric lore is not really educating. Also, "Witches" is a label, not everyone goes by the label "Witch". Meditation is a great for of centering ones self, it teaches patience and concentration. Magic is in everyone's blood, anyone can do magic, they do it everyday, some knowing it, some not knowing it. Now, I hope you know Witchcraft itself isn't a religion, it's a practice.

Whether or not someone has a mark on their body doesn't define them as a "Witch", again not everyone labels themselves as a "Witch". Whether or not you have a mark on your body doesn't define whether or not someone has the ability to practice the spiritual arts.

I would recommend some of these readings from the site, these should help you on the right path; (The Basics: Expaned) By: AwakeTooLong (Starting Out) By: Starrie (Reference: Moon Phases) by: Raven's Gate "Coven" (Visualization) by: Lark

Please read these, these should help you on your way to learning about magic, Lark also know's quite a few useful books to help you, the major points you should know about is, trust your gut, if it feels to good to be true, it probably is. Don't always believe what you read, magic can't alter the physical plane.

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Re: Hello
Post # 3
Thank you for your input... I haven't bothered too much on the vampire looking into... As much as I have into the practice of witch craft. I've been studying on witch craft, spells, I'm going to start looking into the history in witch craft and the moon phases and so much more. I'm excited about really looking into it and learning about it. I feel like I have been taught the out look of societys view on witch craft but I truly feel like this could be my path. I'm more of trying to find people who can make me feel comfortable and who can help me achieve this is my life. Thank you for those websites you have given me I will definitely take a look at them. And thank you for your help
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