Psi balls

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Psi balls
Post # 1
I recently learned how to make and program psi balls and I am amazed ever since. But why does it fell as if it dissipates when I open my eyes? Can it only work with eyes closed? I know some believe them to be blue but I wondered how can you actually SEE the ball in your hands with my own eyes. Blessed be
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Re: Psi balls
Post # 2
Well, a psi ball as a thought-form it can?t be seen easily by the naked human eye, some people says that if you can get enough energy inside it and if you can make enough layers, it can become visible, this event is also called ?flare/flaring?. I didn?t tried it before but by the information that I read in books, it might could be possible to see it with enough energy and experience making psi balls, also a psi ball is considered to be of a whitish blue/very pale blue tone with energy wisps inside, but in fact it takes the color of the energy that you used to make it.

For example if you make one using the energy from the nature, it should be of a forestall green color, if you used any emotional energy then it would take a color associated with that feeling/emotion that you used, like lust that is considered on a dark purple tone.
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Re: Psi balls
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You cannot see this type of energy with your physical eyes. Human physical eyes evolved to be able to detect the visible light spectrum, which includes energies with specific wavelength and colour. Anything beyond this specific spectrum is physically invisible for us, which excludes automatically half of the energies out there. If you have the gift of sight then you will be able to see them, but this sight is not acquired through the physical eyes. The image is rather constructed inside your brain in the form of flashes of visions. By what means this information has been picked up I am not exactly sure, however I have a theory that it has to do with somehow reading the electromagnetic field of the environment. Maintaining this form of vision all the time and by will is exceptionally hard and it is very taxing.
I also do not believe that a simple spell or any simple magical working will allow you to sudden develop the sight from get go.
You either have it from get go or you need to work very hard to develop it for unknown numbers of years. The only times that I have heard that someone has developed it was due to extreme physical/ psychological trauma in the head, near death experiences or other extreme in their nature events (Do not try this at home!)

Maybe you can try trance work, spiritual work and third eye development.
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