Building An Astral Temple

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Building An Astral Temple
Post # 1
So...let's talk about astral temples. This is something of a tutorial, developed based on some things a friend shared with me, as well as my own workings with making it.

So...the astral is a wonderful place. The line between thought and form is blurred. Especially when you can think things into existence, and imagination is the medium of manifestation. However, another element of the astral plane, is that it is a reflection of the physical. Or rather, vice-versa.

An astral temple is an incredibly useful device. The physical temple is obviously bound by the same physical laws as the rest of the physical world, and a variety of workings are done to merge the astral with the physical, both to project will into form, and ritualized intent into abstractions. THe astral temple is on the astral, and thus works directly on that line.

It is also an inner sanctuary, a ''happy place'' from which one may act directly on the world around themselves. If someone is living in hard times, then this is an incredibly useful device. If one is incapable of performing rituals in the physical, because of nosry relatives or the likes, then it is perfect to do it in an astral temple.

There are obvious benefits to having such a place, but this tutorial isn't meant to be a dissertation on why you should have an astral temple but rather , on how to make one.

First of all, consult with your allies. If you are friends with any spirits, this is them. If not, then you should probably get some, or find some empty place in the astral. Literally, project out of your body, and set the intent for ''an empty place in the astral'' and you will find it. However, it is better to ask your allies for a plot of land, as then they will be backing you up too, and it is simply easier.

The energy will already be there. You do not have to look for bricks, mortar, or the likes, it will be there, as energy. Project your consciousness into the energy of the area, connect to it. The bricks of this temple are your consciousness. First visualize the area. Forest, mountain, desert, wherever you are, structure it in magical imagination.

Then, push the construct together. Make any type of temple you want. A temple, in this case, is a personal astral temple. As I am a left hand path occultist, I essentially put myself as a god, and make a temple for myself, vain as it is. However, if you choose to, you can construct it, for any deity you work with. However, personal astral temples first.

The temple can be anything. A pyramid, a church, a Greco-Roman temple, a house. Peruse the net on the kind of place you'd like to be in. Live in, work in, etc.

Create it. Then walk through its doors, enter the inside, and piece by piece structure it. Bring items, furnish it, make it as much like your home as is possible. Create a room for ritual, with altars, with circles, anything you feel is appropriate. For things like materials, I'm sure your allies can help you gather that.

A throneroom, where you will sit, is in my opinion an important step. Continue creating this area, from the inside and outside. Once you are done with this, work on charging the area.

What this means, is every morning, upon waking up, lie in bed for a moment, and imagine yoruself in the perfect environment, the perfect bed, where your astral temple is. Project out of your bed, and into your astral temple until you project there by default. Do regular every day stuff, like make coffee, drink it, check your email, start writing, do rituals, what you're doing is anything that makes you happy. Make a commitment to wake up "into" your luxy, safe, and liberating sanctuary at least twice a week, and by that I mean whatever your living circumstances, wake up and imagine you're there. Try to wake a little earlier if necessary, so you can stay in bed and visualise this.

Above all, don't project any negative emotion, like envy, at the people who have those things irl. Bad mojo, and besides, doesn't mean you can't have the best home. Someone I knew actually has an astral temple that looks exactly like their apartment. Their ''perfect'' world, is the same one as the one they live in.

Next order of business is to put defenses. I will not get into this, as everyone has their own methods of putting defenses around your astral temple. Once you've put defenses there, that are as strong as the ones you have in the physical, summon an entity.

My recommendation is the demon Pazuzu, though any spirit you work with will do and ask them to tear it down. Tear down, literally everything you've built. They will likely be able to do it. If they can't, then you're good, defense-wise. If they can, then ask them how you may Pazuzu-proof, or whateverentityyousummoned-proof the astral temple, and remake the temple, in the same way. THis time, safer, bigger, better.

Repeat the process enough times, until it is your sanctuary.

You don't have to train your mind, however, to project automatically, every time you've torn it down. After the first time, it becomes first or second nature, so it's really only worth doing once.

Once it's safe enough open portals, summon spirits, use it for rituals, use it for fun, use it for whatever. It's your world, after all.

Some useful links:

There's probably others, though I can't think of them atm.

If you have any questions just ask!
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Re: Building An Astral Temple
Post # 2
Nice article. Thank you.
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Re: Building An Astral Temple
Post # 3
Thank you very much.
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