Create a forgiving spell

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Create a forgiving spell
Post # 1
hi fellow members interested in witchcraft and occultism
I write this thread to get something off my chest and any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated, no rudeness and fluff please.
So I have had a great relationship that lasted some years but due to my own severe mistakes my partner decided to cut off our bond some months ago.
Until now, I have used meditation, visualization and the Law of Attraction to soothe my spirit and readjust myself after the break up. It has worked to the point that I avoided depression and I function normally throughout the day.
As much as I would like us to be together, I have granted him his wish to stay apart until now.
Yet my spirit and heart is longing for him.
I do not wish to cast a prefabricated spell on him to make him come back to me, I would like to try to cast a spell on him to forgive my mistakes and rethink his decision.
Of course I'm talking about a spell that I would create myself, with my ingredients, my procedure and my thoughts, wording, etc, suited to the situation..
What are your thoughts on my approach?
Please feel free to comment if you have some experience n relationship spells.
Thank you.
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Re: Create a forgiving spell
Post # 2
It is my personal opinion that this situation would best be dealt with without the use of spellwork. Maybe try to talk to him (or just text him) and tell him you've had time to think about your mistakes and are very sorry, and that you'd like him to rethink whether or not he would like to be with you. Or maybe just try to be his friend for a while instead to show him you still care. But when it comes down to it the desicion is ultimately his to make on whether or not forgiveness is dealt. I hope this somewhat helps.
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Re: Create a forgiving spell
Post # 3
thank you for your honest opinion but he doesn't wish us to talk nor does he wish us to be friends.
Orherwise, of course I would have done everything you are suggesting.
By using a forgiving spell I am merely hoping to offer him a more clear mind without anger and resentment towards me.
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