Summoning Death/Death god

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Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 1
How would I go about summoning a death god?

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 2

You could start with researching deities such as Santa Muerte, Thanatos, Kali.... even Ares, and so on.

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 3

Also keep in mind on why you wish to summon a death god, of all deities and energy beings?

Is it something serious? Or if you wish to form a relationship or connection, I would be wary of summoning. It is not the nicest way of contact, like me barging into your room without warning!

Some may like it, some may torture you for doing so, and all sorts of things come through such a portal...

You can try to Astral Project, attract such beings through meditation, simply wanting to meet them as a top priority, asking aloud, going into trance... no way is the only way.

find one which works for you . :)

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 4
Occult death takes a lot more form than simply killing things, and can mean a lot of different things.

Transformation, change, transition, crossroads, bindings, time, wisdom, fear, power...

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 5
Which Death God are you trying to summon in particular?

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 6
Isn't it kind of obvious based on his username?

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
By: / Novice
Post # 7
well you shouldn't 'summon' any god, you should invite them into your home. i would do a lot of research on the deity in question, find out what he or she likes/dislikes, and ask some people how they act if possible [some people are afraid a deity will be mad at them for saying 'hi' or giving a certain offering] i would set up an altar to the deity [a photo or statue, symbols of them, incense, colours, and items they might favour] if you can find a ritual, try that, if not, write one, essentially you should cleanse yourself and the space, cast a circle [or don't if your path doesn't do that] light a candle, put out a food and drink offering, greet the deity, explain who you are and why you wish to work with them, meditate and wait for any answer, thank them for listening, close circle. spend the next month meditating, and keeping an eye out for any signs that the deity wishes to work with you as well. [you might want to hold circle a couple more times throughout the month. i suggest the 4 quarters of the moon] if you get no response [or receive a no] thank the deity and wait some time before asking again. [the deity in question might not feel you're ready to work with him/her] good luck to you.

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 8
What's wrong with ''summoning'' a godform?

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 9
First of all, I'd like to make a correction. "Thanatos" in Greek means "death" there's no entity called "thanatos/death". Kali, is a goddess of time, transformation, change... "Death" essentially means a change. :) There is no "death". Even if you "die" here, your physical body stops working and you just move on, this is a change. Even if your spirit gets destroyed, it's a change...

Kali is the destroyer of the negative ego, she gives "death" to the ego; in other words, she makes a possitive change in your life.... You probably mean the kind of "death" I mentioned about physical body stop working... Well Kali isn't that kind of Goddess. She is a goddess of time, destroyer of the ego, the remover of the illusion veil in your eyes, the goddess who gets rids of the unnecessary and through her teachings gives you extreme wisdom...; goddess of change.

And Ares is the Greek God of war not death.

I agree with Nekoshema about your question... After offerings and such though, you can try to find the Deity through the astral plane if you can, invite them in your dreams and ask for sings as well.

Re: Summoning Death/Death god
Post # 10
Okay, thank you all for...all of that. And, um whoever-it-was...Mars/Ares is a war god, but do you know how closely death and wr are related? And the deity I would like to summon/invite is, yes, Anubis, but, if that desn't work, I could call upon another death god(s). I have done a lot of research on Anubis, though he is one of the least-mentioned major gods of Egyptian mythology, which is strange, because he was the only death god during the Old Kingdom, but I have done research. I'll try what you all have suggested. Thank you all again.

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