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Post # 1
Pendulums seem amazing tools, however I'm in a bit trouble and a bit of help would be appreciated.

First of all, why there are so many? I see "future pendulums" "love pendulums from pink quartz" and things like that. How does it work? Even if they are "future pendulums" or "love pendulums" it is the Higher Self that gives the information of the possible future and love things also, and not the pendulum. Isn't just any crystal pendulum "for everything" or it actually depends only in preffereances?

Secondly, my pendulum never gives me strong answers. I understand their answers, I tried in fact my first couple of readings today with yes/no answer; I got 2/3 correct in both. The yes/no is always weak and how will I know if it's the truth or not?

Additionally, people say it helps you search deep into your subconsious and such. The problem is I Want to do that, but I can't, at least yet. I can't even use a pendulum board! I've tried... How will I communicate with my subconsious? I want to learn about past lives and everything! I want to communicate with my subconsious through letters of the alphabet, but I was never ever able to use the alphanet for that! Maybe I need another pendulum? I truly want that communication... This (communication) doesn't even work when I called upon my Spirit Guides. I am relaxed, and I am calm. It just doesn't move that much, unfortunately.

Lastly, is it an actual way I can contact my Deity? I know that this kind of summoning isn't a formal summoning, so I'll get answers from a bunch of entities, but is it possible? How will I know it's her?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Pendulums
Post # 2
I use a hagstone I found on a local beach as a pendulum. It doesn't have any specific qualities and it seems like those branded as "love" pendulums or "future" pendulums are just marketing monkeys at work trying to get you to buy more of their stuff.

How do you perform your pendulum divination? If you just ask it the questions without doing any formal set up, that could be the reason your answers are muddled. I set up a space with candles and incense and speak aloud a prayer or hymn to whichever deity I'm asking guidance from. I then "show" the pendulum which way to swing for yes and which way for no, just to confirm, and then ask my questions. Personally, I don't "reach into my subconscious" for answers. I treat the stone as having an indwelling spirit, which I feed with drops of wine or mead and incense smoke. I trust the spirit to work the pendulum, as well as the deity I'm communicating with.

So yes, you can use your pendulum to receive messages from the gods. I use mine mostly to ask for guidance from Dionysos and so I keep the pendulum on His shrine. I pray to Him before using it and thank Him afterwards. I trust it's Him speaking through the stone because I've built up the connection first.

If you're generally interested in communicating with spirits, Raven Keldera and Kenaz Filan have an excellent book on the subject called "Talking to the Spirits: Personal Gnosis in Pagan Religion". In it, they go over how to discern genuine deity communication from the stuff in your head, or other beings.

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Re: Pendulums
Post # 3
Thanks for answer! Well yes, truth is I do it quickly and not formally...
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Re: Pendulums
Post # 4
I personally just use a key with a string.

what you make it out of may help but its certainly not necessary.

Using the pendulum to point out alphabets takes some practice and it really makes your arm tired. I assume we're talking about the same thing here, is it like a circle with the alphabets inside it (including one spot for a space)?
Stick with your pendulum, the more you use it the more effective it'll be because it sort of "syncs" with your energy.

If you want to know if it's working, ask it an easily verifiable question, "will this coin land on heads?"

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Re: Pendulums
Post # 5
I recommend the book 'The Art of the Pendulum' by Cassandra Eason.
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