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Thrift stores
Post # 1
Do any of you purchase tools or utensils for your work from thrift stores. I usually prefer something new, but sometimes thrift stores have such amazing and unusual things. What are some different methods that you all use for cleansing used items? I'm interested in knowing the different approaches taken by all of you.
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Re: Thrift stores
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You never know where you will fine the perfect item at the thrift store. Yes, you need to cleanse these things, you don't want any past attachments coming with them.
Wash them, bath them under the moon, cleanse by passing through insence and salt water, and consecrate to the Lord and Lady.
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Re: Thrift stores
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I get a lot of my stuff cheap off Amazon, Bookman's, Goodwill, dollar stores, and so on. For cleansing there are oh so many methord. Passion them through sage, holy water which can be made quiet a few ways, there are herbal cleansing soaps to wash it in, really it's take your pick. Of course which method you use should be partally dependant on the item in question. I know some crystals can dissolve in water or erode a little bit. So for like crystal balls it is recomended to either use sage or dip it in spring water for thirty seconds or less. If what you are getting is cloth or could rust you might again want to use a dry method such as sage. I only use the holy water one for the recipe and add a prayer to my deity rather than the wiccan ones as it states. Moon water is an alternitive to holy water taking less ingredients. Smudging I find to be very easy which again I am very eclectic about I say prayers and affrimations as it take it through room to room and pass items through it with a positive mindset and using visulization to imagine the negitive energy leaving. I hope this helps.

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Re: Thrift stores
Post # 4
I totally went shopping at thrift stores for my items! I got my bell and chalice there. They are amazing
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