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Post # 1
So, in elementary school, they teach us what "superstition" means. It means not wanting to walk under a ladder, for fear of bad luck, for example. It means staying away from houses with the address number 666. It means believing that when a black cat crosses your path, you get bad luck. It means the number 13 is an unlucky number. Yes and no to all these questions. I sometimes didn't walk under a ladder growing up. I'm not superstitious about houses with the address number 666. A black cat crossing my path is NOT bad luck to a Wiccan, and neither is the number 13. In fact, it is a lucky number. Being afraid of things that are normally Wiccan or Satanic or otherwise Occult is wrong, in my opinion. We ought not to let fear govern our lives. But the reason I say I sometimes didn't walk under a ladder growing up is because we're all superstitious in one way or another. I used to throw salt over my shoulder for good luck. Ever hear of the one "step on a crack break your mother's back/step on a line you break your mother's spine" so I played the game. Wicca is also supposed to be about fun. My question to you, and I had wanted to take a poll but I can't figure out how to do this, but on a scale of 1 to 10, how superstitious are you? How many times do you use luck charms or cast spells? What does superstition mean to you? I could look up the dictionary definition of it, but they generally teach us not to be superstitious in grade school. How has superstition or lack of superstition affected you and your life, before and after you decided to be a Wiccan or some other kind of spell caster?
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Re: Superstition
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Superstition does not necessarily mean believing in traditional teachings as bad luck. You are not taught to be superstitious, you create superstitions on your own. A superstition is a strongly held belief that one thing causes another thing (Event A happens which creates event B) without any actual proof that there is direct causation. Such as throwing salt over your left shoulder to repel bad luck, or as the origin of this practice states "blind the devil". There is no actual proof that doing so makes the quality of your life better but you believe it to be so. Or have you ever worn a shirt to a sports event, and your team wins? Suddenly it's your team's lucky shirt, however there is no direct correlation between your outfit and their skill. You're brain does this everyday with little to no thought. It's a way for our brains to explain coincidences, by filling in the blank space with details, even if they may or may not make much sense. That being said, one of my superstitions is that when I'm boiling water to make tea, the stove cannot be on "High" it has to be about 4 millimeters away from the "High" setting or else it won't make as good of tea.
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Re: Superstition
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I save my wishbones until Yule. I glitter them and tie them to a tag as a charm for good luck in the coming year. I give them to my friends, they are very popular.
I have a black cat and love the number 13. I,m not that superstitious but why take a chance. Oh! Did I mention my four leaf clover collection?
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